Eurovision 2024: Six countries wanted to withdraw 25 minutes before the Grand Final!

Two weeks after the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024, it became known from the Norwegian newspaper VG that six countries participating in the Saturday’s show wanted to withdraw up to twenty-five minutes before the start of the final.

The 11th of May was crucial for the contest, as reported by the newspaper, the EBU and SVT found themselves in a major critical meeting as six countries wanted to withdraw until they decided to participate.

The six countries that wanted to withdraw were the winning Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Specifically, Magnus Børmark, a member of the Norwegian band Gåte, stated that:

We were considering withdrawing until the last moment. Many of us reacted to the fact that Israel had the opportunity to use Eurovision as its own political tool.

The reason the six countries wanted to withdraw was the participation of Israel and the exclusion of Joost Klein. VG writes that Israel’s participation, the extensive security measures, and the behavior of the Israeli delegation during the week were reasons for the protests,” adds Børmark:

Our common point was that we did not want to participate in Eurovision to be used and stigmatized in a war propaganda machine in Israel. We participated to create a space where we can unite in music – in a political situation where everyone chooses sides and hates each other.

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Source: VG

11 replies
  1. Mm22
    Mm22 says:

    All 6 can withdrow next year if they want.
    They don’t have to be there.
    EBU can do only 1 semi final, OR bring new ebu members countries like Canada , Japan, Brazil, Kazakhstan, United States & South Korea.
    Haters that do politics not welcome in Eurovision music festival.

      • Mm22
        Mm22 says:

        Definately not .
        Israel did not violate the competition rules, the EBU approved its participation.
        Israel will also participate in 2025.

        • T
          T says:

          I wonder why wasn’t Israel banned… hmmmmm. Would it be the fact that Moroccanoil, the main sponsor, is an Israeli cosmetics company. No clue.

        • Obli
          Obli says:

          Israel did, harassing other partecipants is against the rules. Not just one, but several delegations and journalists lamented about it and there are even several video online of the backstage that shows that. The only reason Israel wasn’t disqualified is because it is the main eurovision sponsor this year, but once things are online you can’t hide it, people knows. Then don’t cry if the world starts hating you. Btw, you and Amir are the same user, isn’t it? You write the same things, make it less obvious next time 😉

    • Dan
      Dan says:

      Let the Swiss give back their trophy which the winner broke in 2 pieces anyway and the 5 others with the Swiss go to sing in Teheran ! Hphuhk then all!

  2. Sirill
    Sirill says:

    I’m sorry, nobody is buying their shit, especially not the shit from Gåte…
    They knew very well that Israel would participate and still decided to join. If you wanted to withdraw, you would do so from the first moment. Not AFTER you came last.


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