Eurovision 2024: Six countries wanted to withdraw 25 minutes before the Grand Final!

Two weeks after the Grand Final of Eurovision 2024, it became known from the Norwegian newspaper VG that six countries participating in the Saturday’s show wanted to withdraw up to twenty-five minutes before the start of the final.

The 11th of May was crucial for the contest, as reported by the newspaper, the EBU and SVT found themselves in a major critical meeting as six countries wanted to withdraw until they decided to participate.

The six countries that wanted to withdraw were the winning Switzerland, Ireland, Portugal, Norway, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Specifically, Magnus Børmark, a member of the Norwegian band Gåte, stated that:

We were considering withdrawing until the last moment. Many of us reacted to the fact that Israel had the opportunity to use Eurovision as its own political tool.

The reason the six countries wanted to withdraw was the participation of Israel and the exclusion of Joost Klein. VG writes that Israel’s participation, the extensive security measures, and the behavior of the Israeli delegation during the week were reasons for the protests,” adds Børmark:

Our common point was that we did not want to participate in Eurovision to be used and stigmatized in a war propaganda machine in Israel. We participated to create a space where we can unite in music – in a political situation where everyone chooses sides and hates each other.

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Source: VG

Norway: Stig Karlsen to EBU “Stop Blaming Delegations and Artists”!

Stig Karlsen, the Head of Delegation for Norway at Eurovision, has called on its organisers the EBU to “stop blaming” others for its own faults.

Eurovision 2024 was shrouded in controversy, with multiple countries complaining about a tense and unsafe environment at the contest. Speaking to Wiwibloggs after the Grand Final, Karlsen says that the EBU need to “be more humble and take responsibility for the damage done”.

Norway was reported to be one of several broadcasters that was threatening to withdraw from the contest this year. In an interview with Aftenposten, the guitarist of Norway’s entry for 2024, Gåte, said that “retiring was on the block until the last second”.

Karlsen, who is the man in charge of Norway’s entry for the Eurovision Song Contest each year, says that the Norwegian broadcaster NRK is “already holding discussions” about what happened. The plan is to then “carry these discussions over to the EBU” when they can.

“There is no doubt that the reputation of the Eurovision Song Contest has been significantly damaged this year, and it is now crucial that the EBU quickly takes action. The EBU needs to stop blaming the delegations and artists for the scandals that surrounded Eurovision 2024, and acknowledge the core problem.”

The reputation of Eurovision goes hand in hand with MGP and all the other national finals. What the EBU does now is crucial for the future of Eurovision and the national selections as well. However, they need to act quickly. Time is running out for the broadcasters that conduct national selections. Right now, it’s a tough task to get artists, songwriters, partners, and team members to engage and commit to the project.”

This is not the first time that Karlsen has said strong words after the end of a Eurovision. Last year, after the controversial result of Eurovision 2023, Karlsen called for the voting system at the contest to change.

Gåte represented Norway in Eurovision 2024. They qualified for the Grand Final, but finished in last place, scoring 16 points overall.

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source: Wiwibloggs

Norway: Angelina Mango Emerges Victorious in Adresse Malmø

Italy’s Angelina Mango secures the top spot in Adresse Malmø, the Norwegian precursor to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Italy clinches victory in Adresse Malmø, narrowly beating out Ukraine by a single point. Over the course of five episodes, a panel of celebrities, alongside a public jury, meticulously reviewed and scored the songs. The grand finale of the show, which aired today, saw Croatia’s Baby Lasagna rise to prominence among the seven featured songs.

Here are the results from the final episode:

  • CroatiaBaby Lasagna – “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” – 78 points
  • SwedenMarcus & Martinus – “Unforgettable” – 77 points
  • GreeceMarina Satti – “Zari” – 73 points
  • SerbiaTeya Dora – “Ramonda” – 65 points
  • AustraliaElectric Fields – “One Milkali” – 50 points
  • CzechiaAiko – “Pedestal” – 47 points
  • AlbaniaBesa – “Titan” – 41 points

The overall series scoreboard stands as follows:

  1. ItalyAngelina Mango – “La noia” – 12+12+12+12+10+10+10+10 – 88 points
  2. UkraineAlyona Alyona & Jerry Heil – “Teresa & Maria” – 12+10+12+12+12+7+10+12 – 87 points
  3. SwitzerlandNemo – “The Code” – 8+12+10+10+12+12+12+8 – 84 points
  4. PolandLuna – “The Tower” – 6+12+12+12+6+10+12+10 – 80 points
  5. SpainNebulossaZorra – 12, 4, 12, 10, 7, 10, 12, 12 – 79 points
  6. CroatiaBaby Lasagna – “Rim Tim Tagi Dim” – 10+10+12+12+7+10+5+12 – 78 points
  7. SwedenMarcus & Martinus – “Unforgettable” – 12+5+10+6+12+12+10+10 – 77 points
  8. FranceSlimane – “Mon Amour” – 12+7+10+8+10+12+10+6 – 76 points
  9. GreeceMarina Satti – “Zari” – 10+10+8+8+12+8+10+7 – 73 points
  10. ArmeniaLadaniva – “Jako” – 10+10+10+10+12+7+3+10 – 70 points
  11. AzerbaijanFahree ft. Ilkin DovlatovÖzünlə apar – 5, 12, 10, 12, 4, 7, 12, 7 – 68 points
  12. GeorgiaNutsa BuzaladzeFirefighter 12, 12, 12, 12, 3, 8, 2, 6 – 67 points
  13. SerbiaTeya Dora – “Ramonda” – 8 +6+8+6+6+7+12+12 – 65 points
  14. NetherlandsJoost KleinEuropapa – 12, 10, 8, 5, 10, 4, 8, 8 – 65 points
  15. DenmarkSaba – “Sand” – 8+8+7+5+12+3+8+12 – 63 points
  16. CyprusSilia KapsisLiar – 7, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 8, 10 – 63 points
  17. LithuaniaSilvester Belt – “Luktelk” – 8+6+8+8+6+7+12+6 – 61 points
  18. AustriaKaleen – “We Will Rave” – 10+1+12+8+8+2+10+5 – 56 points
  19. GermanyIsaak – “Always on the Run” – 4+6+8+10+6+10+5+7 – 55 points
  20. United KingdomOlly AlexanderDizzy – 7, 6, 8, 6, 5, 8, 7, 8 – 55 points
  21. Estonia5miinust & Puuluup“(Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi” – 10+3+2+5+12+12+2+7 – 53 points
  22. BelgiumMustii – “Before the Party’s Over” –  4+6+5+5+8+1+12+12 – 53 points
  23. FinlandWindows95man – “No Rules!” – 12+7+10+10+2+3+6+2 – 52 points
  24. AustraliaElectric Fields – “One Milkali” – 2+3+7+7+10+6+7+8 – 50 points
  25. PortugalIolanda – “Grito” – 6+4+5+3+7+10+4+10 – 49 points
  26. CzechiaAiko – “Pedestal” – 8+7+8+7+1+7+3+6 – 47 points
  27. LuxembourgTali – “Fighter” – 7+2+6+7+6+5+6+8 – 47 points
  28. IcelandHera Björk – “Scared of Heights” – 4+5+5+4+10+12+1+5 – 46 points
  29. IsraelEden Golan – “Hurricane” – 4+1+6+5+6+12+7+4 – 45 points
  30. AlbaniaBesa – “Titan” – 6+4+4+4+3+6+6+8 – 41 points
  31. SloveniaRaivenVeronika – 7, 4, 5, 5, 6, 5, 7, 2 – 41 points
  32. IrelandBambie Thug – “Doomsday Blue” – 4+8+2+8+10+1+2+4 – 39 points
  33. MaltaSarah Bonnici – “Loop” – 4+5+4+3+5+5+5+4 – 35 points
  34. LatviaDons – “Hollow” – 3+2+2+1+4+7+10+5 – 34 points
  35. San MarinoMegara – “11:11” – 6+2+2+3+7+2+4+6 – 32 points
  36. MoldovaNatalia Barbu – “In the Middle” – 8+4+3+2+3+7+2+2 – 31 points

Since 1973, Adresse has been previewing all Eurovision Song Contest entries. Since 2004, the show has featured a panel discussing and scoring the songs.

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Eurovision 2024: Norway’s Second Rehearsal

The next country to rehearse today on the Malmö stage is Norway with Gåte performing “Ulveham”.

Who are Gåte?

Gåte (Norwegian for ‘riddle’) is a Norwegian band from Trøndelag, known for blending Norwegian folk music with elements of metal and electronica. Their musical style is often described as progressive folk-rock. The band is comprised of Gunnhild Sundli, Magnus Børmark, Jon Even Schärer, Mats Paulsen, and John Stenersen. They released their debut EP, “Gåte EP,” in 2000, quickly gaining popularity. In 2024, they participated in the Norwegian national final for Eurovision 2024, securing the ticket to Malmö and representing Norway in this year’s contest. Their song, Ulveham is a folk tale about a maiden with an evil stepmother who is banished to the woods, transformed into a wolf and ordered to kill her brother.

The Rehearsal

The performance is dark, witchy and very similar to Gåte’s performance at Melodi Grand Prix but on an epic Malmö scale. A low, slow-spinning platform with some rocks and trees, like a goth terrarium, backed by spooky swirling graphics, lots of atmospheric lasers and green spotlights.

Norway’s Second Rehearsal – Sarah Louise Bennett

The lead singer Gunnhild is wearing dark green wide trousers with a matching top that designed to look like she has leaves woven across one shoulder. In the final chorus one of the guitarists throws his guitar high into the air, then catches it.

Norway’s Second Rehearsal – Sarah Louise Bennett

After today’s second rehearsals a recap video will be published on the official Youtube channel! Stay tuned!

The Dress Rehearsal for Norway and the rest of Semi Final 2 is scheduled for Wednesday the 8th of May!


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Norway: Watch the music video of “Ulveham”!

Gåte just released the music video of their Eurovision 2024 entry, “Ulveham“.

Gåte won the Norwegian national selection, namely Melodi Grand Prix 2024, back in February and therefore gained the right to represent Norway in Eurovision 2024.

Norway with Gåte and “Ulveham” will perform fifteenth in the second semi-final on May 9.

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Eurovision 2024: Which rehearsal had the most views on the fourth day?

Yesterday, first rehearsals continued dynamically, with the Malmö Arena hosting the last eight countries of the second semifinal! Be sure to also read our article from yesterday regarding the views of the eight countries that completed their rehearsals on Monday.

However, as we know on TikTok, all the first rehearsals are uploaded. Apart from their performances, we’ll also get a sneak peek backstage before they take the stage for the first time in a video of about one minute.

One of the many features of TikTok is the ability to add songs to each user’s video creation. However, the TikTok algorithm is usually able to detect the song used in the video, assign it to the correct track, and then include it in the total number of videos where that sound has been used. Based on this capability, the most popular songs before rehearsals were from the Netherlands and Italy. Will they receive the same promotion as before?

In less than 24 hours (May 1, 2024, time 16:35 CET), since the first clip from the rehearsals was uploaded, we have a indicative sample of which rehearsal was favored by the audience (here it should be noted that the videos were uploaded one after the other with a one and a half hour interval and there was a significant delay in their publication).

The rehearsals that had the most views are:

  1. Netherlands: Joost – Europapa – 1.8 million views
  2. Belgium: Mustii – Before The Party Is Over – 450 thousand views
  3. Georgia: Nutsa – FireFighter – 426 thousand views
  4. Israel: Eden Golan – Hurricane – 415.9 thousand views
  5. Latvia: DonsHollow – 297 thousand views
  6. Estonia: 5MIINUST x Puuluup – (Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi – 206 thousand views
  7. San Marino: Megara11:11 – 183.5 thousand views
  8. Norway: GåteUlveham – 178.2 thousand views

With this small sample, we can infer that:

  • The Netherlands is indeed one of the major contenders for victory, hence rightfully gathering so many views. As it has made a huge leap, leaving Belgium behind by four times in views. Joost is expected to soon surpass Greece in views, but for now Marina Satti holds the lead.
  • There is a significant gap between the fourth and fifth positions, indicating that the last four countries did not impress much with their stage presence.
  • It’s surprising that Norway ranks last in views, considering it has the most unique song and vocals of the competition. There is a possibility of a recovery in views since their rehearsal was delayed in being published.

The top five countries with the most views from the four days are as follows:

  1. Greece: Marina Satti – ZARI – 2.3 million views
  2. Netherlands: Joost – Europapa – 1.8 million views
  3. Poland: LUNA – The Tower –1.3 million views
  4. Serbia: Teya Dora – Ramonda – 929.1 thousand views
  5. Ukraine: alyona alyona & Jerry Heil – Teressa & Maria – 876.6 thousand views

TikTok has played a significant role in the success of Eurovision songs in recent years. For example, Duncan Laurence’s winning entry “Arcade” became a global hit a year after winning the competition when it was used in over a million videos on TikTok. One of the earliest TikTok successes from Eurovision was Getter Jaani’s “Rockefeller Street”, which went viral on the platform in 2018 and has since been used in over two million videos. Let’s not forget that Armenia’s entry in 2022 by Rosa Linn with “Snap” gained over a billion views on the platform. Finally, Norway’s entry last year gained significant worldwide publicity months before the competition week, where it secured fifth place.

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Iceland: Norway Wins Second Episode of Alla leið 2024

The second episode of Alla leið, the preview show by Iceland’s public television for the entries of Eurovision 2024, concluded yesterday!

Hosted by Eva Ruza, Alla leið featured judges from Iceland’s artistic community who scored the songs competing in the Second Semi-Final of Eurovision 2024, with Norway and Gate claiming the top spot.

Here are the results of the second episode:

  • NorwayGåte – “Ulveham” – 5+12+12+10 – 39 Points
  • ArmeniaLadaniva – “Jako” – 8+10+10+10 – 38 Points
  • SwitzerlandNemo – “The Code” – 7+12+12+5 – 36 Points
  • NetherlandsJoost Klein – “Europapa” – 12+10+10+4 – 36 Points
  • AustriaKaleen – “We Will Rave” – 10+3+10+8 – 31 Points
  • MaltaSarah Bonnici – “Loop” – 10+6+7+8 – 31 Points
  • DenmarkSaba – “Sand” – 12+7+4+5 – 28 Points
  • BelgiumMustii – “Before the Party is Over” – 3+8+8+7 – 26 Points
  • AlbaniaBesa – “Titan” – 7+6+6+6 – 25 Points
  • Czech RepublicAiko – “Pedestal” – 6+6+5+4 – 24 Points
  • San MarinoMegara – “11:11” – 6+6+3+6 – 19 Points
  • GeorgiaNatia Busalazdze – “Firefighter” – 6+4+5+4 – 19 Points
  • Estonia5miinust and Puuluup – “(Nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (küll) midagi” – 7+4+3+2 – 16 Points
  • GreeceMarina Satti – “Zari” – 6+2+5+2 – 15 Points
  • LatviaDons – “Hollow” – 4+4+2+5 – 15 Points
  • IsraelEden Golan – “Hurricane” – 1+1+1+1 – 4 Points

The judging panel for the second episode comprised:

  • Eva Ruza – Host
  • Matti Matt – Country Representative at Eurovision 2011
  • Regina Osk – Country Representative at Eurovision 2008
  • Jógvan Hansen – Singer

Next week, the entries of the Grand Final will be evaluated.

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Norway: Spain Wins First Episode of Adresse Malmø Show!

The Norwegian state broadcaster NRK airs a special program dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest every year. Each week, approximately eight songs are reviewed by judges who rate the songs from one to twelve points.

Nebulossa from Spain won the first episode of the Norwegian preview show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

In the celebrity jury for the first Adresse Liverpool show were Ingeborg Heldal, Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen, Jim Ødegård Pedersen, and Marte Stokstad.

Comedian Pernille Sørensen and presenter Peter Bubresko participated in the show for the first episode in the main jury. In the fan jury, Ida Hovland (from Haugesund, Norway), Catharina Amundsen (from Halden, Norway), and Erling Levang (from Nittedal/Haugesund, Norway) gave their ratings.

The results were as follows:

  • Spain – Nebulossa – Zorra – 79 Points (12, 4, 12, 10, 7, 10, 12, 12)
  • Azerbaijan – Fahree ft. Ilkin Dovlatov – Özünlə apar – 69 Points (5, 12, 10, 12, 4, 7, 12, 7)
  • Georgia – Nutsa Buzaladze – Firefighter – 67 Points (12, 12, 12, 12, 3, 8, 2, 6)
  • Netherlands – Joost Klein – Europapa – 65 Points (12, 10, 8, 5, 10, 4, 8, 8)
  • Cyprus – Silia Kapsis – Liar – 63 Points (7, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 8, 10)
  • United Kingdom – Olly Alexander – Dizzy – 55 Points (7, 6, 8, 6, 5, 8, 7, 8)
  • Slovenia – Raiven – Veronika – 41 Points (7, 4, 5, 5, 6, 5, 7, 2)

The next program of Adresse Malmø is as follows:

  • Show Two – Friday, April 12th

Einar Tørnquist and Isah participate in the main jury for the second episode. In the fan jury, Hansi Tryggvasson (from Bærum, Iceland), Simen Formo Hay (from Oslo), and Synne Eikenes Sørensen (from Larvik, Norway) will give their ratings. Among the countries to be rated by the juries are Austria, Iceland, and Belgium.

  • Show Three – Friday, April 19th

Thomas Numme and Tara Lina Shahin are part of the main jury for the third episode. The fan jury includes Drian Vad Flaaten (from Tønsberg, Norway), Victoria Haugan Saur (from Sunndal, Norway), and Alex Snyder from Vikersund/USA. Among the countries to be rated are France, Denmark, and Ireland.

  • Show Four – Friday, April 5th

Sandeep Singh and Erik Solbakken, host of Eurovision 2010 and Eurovision Young Dancers 2011, are part of the jury. Eva Nodeland (from Elverum, Norway), Øystein Antonsen (from Arendal, Norway), and Omid Rashidi (from Visby, Norway) are part of the fan jury. Among the countries to be rated are Switzerland, Finland, and Italy.

  • Show Five – Friday, May 3rd

In the final episode of Adresse Malmø, Are Kalvø and Ingebjørg Bratland will participate in the main jury. Marko Stojiljkovic (from Serbia), Jon Arne Ravndal (from Oslo), and Anna Lycke (from Nannestad, Sweden) are part of the fan jury. Among the countries to be rated are Croatia, Greece, and Sweden.

You can watch the show on NRK Player here.

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Source: NRK

Norway: NRK Likely to Drop Eurovision Reviews Due to Reviewer Boycott

NRK’s music critics are unwilling to cover the Eurovision Song Contest as long as Israel participates, leading the channel to likely drop such reviews this year.

“Several of the contractors that NRK normally uses have informed us that they do not wish to take on the assignment of writing reviews for Eurovision,” says editor-in-chief Elisabet Davidsen of NRK to Aftenposten.

The background is the war in Gaza. Israel‘s actions have led to significant opposition to the country’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC), and many criticize the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) for allowing the country’s participation.

“It would never have been an option to acknowledge Israel‘s participation. That would have been completely unthinkable,” says reviewer Espen Borge.

NRK usually reviews all entries in the competition, with reviews often having a somewhat humorous tone.

Norway is represented this year by Gåte and the song “Ulveham”, and has been drawn to compete in the second half of the Second Semi-Final.

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Source: Aftenposten

Norway: Guests and Songs to be reviewed for Adresse Malmø!

Just like every year,NRK’s Eurovision Pre-Show Adresse Malmø (with the title changing depending on each year’s host country) is going to be broadcast in April.The show,consisting of 5 parts,sees music experts and artists from all over Europe examining and reviewing this year’s Eurovision entries.

Just like the previous editions, Ingeborg Heldal and Stian “Staysman” Thorbjørnsen will be forming part of the jury, while Jim Ødegård Pedersen returns to the People’s Jury. The Norwegian commentator Marte Stokstad is going to present the show.

Show One – April 13

Comedian Pernille Sørensen and presenter Peter Bubresko join the show for the first episode on the main jury. On the People’s Jury, Ida Hovland ( from Haugesund, Catharina Amundsen  from Halden and Erling Levang ( from Nittedal/Haugesund are going to unveil their ranking.The Netherlands,the UK and Spain are the countries to be reviewed.

Show Two – April 20

Einar Tørnquist and  Isah join the main jury for episode two. The People’s Jury features Hansi Tryggvasson  from Bærum/Iceland, Simen Formo Hay (from Oslo and Synne Eikenes Sørensen from Larvik. Austria, Iceland and Belgium are to be ranked in the second show.

Show Three – April 27

Presenter Thomas Numme and comedian and radio personality Tara Lina Shahin are part of the main jury for episode three. The People’s Jury features drian Vad Flaaten  from Tønsberg, Victoria Haugan Saur  from Sunndal and Alex Snyder  from Vikersund/USA revealing their scores. The entries from France, Denmark and Ireland are among the songs to be reviewed.

Show 4 – May 3

Music journalist Sandeep Singh and host of Eurovision 2010 and Eurovision Young Dancers 2011 Erik Solbakken form part of this show’s jury, with  Switzerland, Finland and Italy being reviewed. Eva Nodeland from Elverum, Øystein Antonsen from Arendal and Omid Rashidi  from Visby are part of the People’s Jury.

Show 5 – May 4

The final episode of Adresse Malmø sees Are Kalvø and Ingebjørg Bratland join the main jury. On the People’s Jury are Marko Stojiljkovic from Serbia, Jon Arne Ravndal  from Oslo and Anna Lycke  from Nannestad/Sweden. Among the songs being ranked Croatia,Greece and Sweden can be found.

Norway in this year’s Eurovision

This year Norway is represented by Gåte and their song “Ulveham”,which will be featured in the second-semi final on May 9th.


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