Eurovision 2020: Heads of Delegations meeting is over

With the established family photo, the meeting of the 41 Heads of Delegations participating in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest was completed shortly.

This year’s meeting was compounded by the aftermath of the coronavirus flare, which resulted in six delegations not to go to Rotterdam but to participate via live streaming. These countries were Sweden, Finland, Israel, Switzerland, Italy and of course as you first read at Eurovision Fun Greece. But there were also some absences from the EBU after an outbreak of the virus was detected by an organization employee in Geneva. As a result, all union officials were put on a travel ban and quarantined, and as a result, no one went to Rotterdam for the meeting of leaders, including chief executive Jon Ola Sand.

The meeting, however, went smoothly and the organizers had the opportunity to present to delegations everything they were preparing for Eurovision 2020. The producer of this year’s competition, Sietse Bakker, said in his statement that everything was humanly possible in order for Eurovision 2020 to normally held in May in Rotterdam. The Israeli chief of staff, however, made it clear that, for precautionary reasons, their representative, Eden Alene, would not travel to the Netherlands for the postcard shooting of her participation, adding yet another headache to the organizers.



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