EBU: “There are no plans to invite Kazakstan and Kosovo to Eurovision 2021”!

A comment from the EBU on the ESCXtra website clarifies the picture of the possible participation of Kazakhstan and Kosovo in Eurovision 2021. The EBU leaves no room open, saying that there are no plans to invite the public televisions of Kazakhstan and Kosovo to Eurovision 2021.

Every year one of the questions that concerns the fans at this period of time, is the participation of Kazakhstan and Kosovo in the Eurovision Song Contest. Although these are two different cases, what unites them is that the public broadcasters of both, are associated members of the EBU and have previously participated in EBU competitions, but not in the Eurovision Song Contest. Kosovo participated in the Eurovision Young Dancers in 2011, while Kazakhstan participates in the Junior Eurovision since 2018.

Although both are eager to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest, for this to happen, either their public televisions must become regular members of the EBU, or they must be invited as collaborators, as is the case with Australia’s SBS.

Source: ESCXtra

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