Greece: More details about Stefania’s candidate songs

In an interview given by our representative in Eurovision 2021 Stefania Lymberakakis on the tv show “Eftycheite” on OPEN BEYOND Channel, which was aired today, we were provided with some further information regarding her candidate songs for the contest.

Regarding their style, she clarified that they bear no resemblance to SUPERGIRL but are closer to the style of her last single “Friday”. Αfter a communication we had with the team of creators, we were told that Stefania replied that the songs are like Friday and not like Supergirl, since they have no ethnic elements and are pop songs. None of the songs sounds like Friday. Stefania also added that there is no ballad among them.

Apart from the songs, she mentioned her collaboration with Sakis Rouvas and her communication with Konstantinos Argyros, but also was asked about the possibility her boyfriend, who is also an artist, to accompany her on the Eurovision stage. She gave a negative answer.

You can watch the entire interview by clicking here.

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