Estonia: Former Eesti Laul producer says that “Uku Suviste would have won Eurovision”!

The former chief producer of Eesti Laul, Estonia’s competition to find its Eurovision entry, Mart Normet, thinks that Uku Suviste would have succeeded at Eurovision and perhaps even won the contest, with the song “What Love is”, which was composed by Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn and Uku Suviste himself.

“The song is honest, well performed, well written. I really like that song,” Normet said on ETV talk show “Hommik Anuga” Sunday.

Normet is going against the general opinion in his views. Estonia didn´t make it top three in the predictions charts. The favorites were Lithuania, Bulgaria, and Switzerland.

“In that sense, it´s even sadder that the contest was canceled because this year, the top three were predicted to be countries that haven´t won in a long time,” Normet said.

From these three, Normet liked the song “Tears Getting Sober” the most. “It has some Billie Eilish moments, but it´s not so dark. And when I heard these songs, this really made me listen,” Normet said.

On the other hand, he did not like the Swiss entry so much. However, Normet acknowledged that a lot of good singers have come from the birthplace of singer Gjon Muharremaj.

“She has Albanian-Kosovar roots. If you think about how many successful singers there are from the region – Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, Bebe Rexha, maybe some of the biggest female stars in the world today have come from Albania or Kosovo,” Normet said.

Normet also listened to the Russian story “Uno”, for example. “They have one decent Kreisraadio number,” Normet said. “‘You’re joking’, and making it an international joke.”

In addition, he remembered the Icelandic entry “Think About Things”, which according to Normet sounds very nice and doesn´t lack irony.

Today, Wednesday 11/11 and tomorrow Thursday 12/11, the 24 artists who will compete in Eesti Laul 2021 for the representation of Estonia in the next Eurovision song contest will be announced.

Source: ERR

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