Romania: “Maybe, it is healthier to stay out for a year or two…”!

Third disqualification in a row for Romania was this year, after Roxen failed to qualify for the first semifinal. The reasons for the continuous bad results in the contest will be discussed by the country’s public television, in a two-hour live show, on July 5 at 9 pm.

The former head of the Romanian mission and TVR journalist, Marina Almăşan, is editing and will present the relevant show, called Eurovision, pe şleau! (Eurovision by the way).

The panel of the show will include composers, music producers, fans of the contest, but also three former eurostars of the country, The Humans (2018), Ovi and Paula Seling (2010, 2014). The public can also intervene in the discussion by phone.

The questions that the show panel will be asked to answer are:

  • “Why don’t Romania’s big voices participate in Eurovision?”
  • “Why has Romanian interest in Eurovision decreased so much?”
  • “What are the solutions to deal with the situation?”

Marina Almăşan reports:

It has been 11 years since I was at the helm of one of the most successful versions of Eurovision. In 2010, the wonderful Paula and Ovi brought Romania a third place in the Grand Final in Oslo, the artists surpassed the performance of Luminiţa Anghel.

I was at that time, the head of the Romanian delegation, and my team was on the buttons, in all these preparatory work – internal and external. Of course, without the two great voices, without the song, without the talent of the two talented artists, we would not have gotten here. There were, therefore, years during which Romanian Television (through my other valuable colleagues) did a very good job in the European competition.

Then, suddenly, the movie broke. And in recent years they have brought a lot of frown and sadness on the faces of Romanian Eurovision fans. On Monday, July 5, TVR finally wants to put its finger on the wound: find the weaknesses (but also the strengths, because they also exist) of our participation in Eurovision, propose solutions to rectify the situation and wash away shame .

I will coordinate an intense discussion, on the afternoon of the 5th of July, on TVR 1, with selected and specialized guests and even if it comes out with tensions and disagreements, it is important that things go smoothly. And in the next edition, Romania must reach the top 10! … If, after discussions, it does not turn out that, perhaps, it is healthier to stay out for a year or two…! Thanks to Romanian Television for entrusting this event to my team and I hope we will not disappoint you!

It is striking that the possibility of Romania abstaining from the contest for one or two years is mentioned, in order for them to regroup and come back stronger afterwards. Greece followed the same tactic in 2000, when it voluntarily withdrew, to return in 2001 with a third place and Antique.

We will look forward to the conclusions from this show!

What do you think are the reasons for Romania’s failure in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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