Norway: Elsie Bay’s “Death Of Us” is accused of plagiarism!

It is the favorite according to the odds, at least at this stage, for the victory in MGP 2022 and the representation of Norway in the upcoming Eurovision song contest. However, controversy has been caused in the last few hours on Twitter, as there are many users who claim that Elsie Bay’s Death Of Us has very strong similarities, not with one, but with two songs.

Specifically, Twitter users find several similarities in Death Of Us, both with Lana Del Rey’s Young And Beautiful and Aurora’s Forgotten Love, who is also Norwegian.

To emphasize these similarities, Twitter users also made relevant videos, where they compare the two songs, in spots where the similarities are more than enough.

You can listen to them below and draw your own conclusions:

  • Comparison with Lana Del Rey’s Young And Beautiful:
  • Comparison with Aurora’s Forgotten Love:

We remind you that Elsie Bay’s Death Of Us participates as a direct finalist in the MGP 2022 final on February 19. But next Saturday, January 15, we will have the opportunity to see her live her, singing Death Of Us in the first semifinal of MGP 2022.

Do you think there are similarities between Elsie Bay song and the other two songs? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Junaid Badar
    Junaid Badar says:

    This is such a Crap. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s thoughts, ideas, or expressions as one’s own original work. That’s not what happened here. Aurora & Lana Del Rey are great singers and have influenced god knows how many people around the world. It could be influenced by these 2 artists but it doesn’t sound like a plagiarized work


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