Spain: All about Benidorm Fest Semifinal 1 rehearsals


The acts competing in the first semifinal of the Benidorm Fest have made their first rehearsals and the first details are already here.  Six acts  are competing in the first semifinal after Luna Ki’s unexpected withdrawal from the competition.  However, the competition for the first spots to the final is far from settled.  Among the competitors we have fan favorites Tanxugueiras and Azúcar Moreno.

Here are the first details from the First semifinal rehearsals:

Varry Brava: The act is paying tribute to Raffaella Carrà in their performance.  According to the press the costumes and screens are inspired in the Italian diva.  However, rest assured that Varry Brava are not falling into clichés.  This will be a very colorful performance.

Azúcar Moreno:Azúcar Moreno will perform a revamp version of their song adding more guitarras and palmas.  The duo performance is very ‘old school’ and truthful to their rumba and flamenco roots.

Blanca Paloma: Blanca Paloma’s performance will be very minimalist.  She is not using the LED screens.  Her performance looks more like a theater show than a performance for TV.

Unique: On the opposite side of the spectrum we have the boys from unique.  During their performance there will be acrobatics, light tricks and fireworks.  The guys will include beatbox in their routine.

Tanxugueiras: One of the early favorites to represent Spain.  The scenario will look dark with Galician folk symbolism.  Tanxugueiras are paying tribute to pandereitas.  Further they took inspiration on traditional costumes.  The faces of the artists are displayed on the screens during their performance.  Moreover, the lyrics “there’s no borders” will appear in different languages.  Their backing singers will perform shirtless.

Chanel: Kyle Hanagami was in charge of the choreography for Chanel.  Five dancers support Chanel.  For Semifinal 1 we will have a revamped version of SloMo where percussion is emphasized.

Source: RTVE

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