Eurovision 2022: Armenia’s Second Rehearsal!

Armenia is the third country to rehearse with precious Rosa Linn! There’s a full constructed set for this performance, our first of the day. It’s a white bedroom with walls and furniture that look like they’re made from sticky notes – we’ve just had a chat with the Armenian delegation (sat in the Green Room pod next to us) and they’ve confirmed it’s a reinforced paper structure. The set also rotates (through manpower, rather than an actual rotating stage), which provides a very cool ending. This is what we found out during the first rehearsals.

About The Second Rehearsal

What a gorgeous and touching rehearsal! The performance starts with Rosa Linn sitting on her bed and playing the guitar. She then puts it away and stands up. She’s tearing down some post-it notes and we can see such writings as ”June 22nd”, ”The Last One”, ‘Snap’, heart drawing. In the bridge she tears down the circle you all might have noticed when first rehearsal pictures dropped! A fabulous ending. The camera angles are perfect and the shot with water and lightning is incredible! I’m touched by this rehearsal!

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