Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva condemns war against Ukraine!

Russian pop star Alla Pugacheva has condemned once again the war her country launched against Ukraine.  The 73 old singer enjoys the status of pop legend in her country since her stage debut in the Soviet Union in the 1970s.

In February 24, Pugacheva condemned the war for the first time on an Instagram post where she wrote:

“I cannot describe what I am feeling right now. How is this all possible? There is no justification for war! No to war!”

Soon after that, Pugacheva and her husband, Maxim Galkin decided to move to Israel with their children.  She returned to Russia in August according to a Russian fashion designer.  It is unclear if she remains in her home country in the present.

However, Pugacheva decided to speak out once more after her husband was designated a foreign agent.  Pugacheva’s husband, a comedian and TV presenter had also condemned the war against Ukraine.  According to the Russian law organizations and individuals that receive funding from abroad can be declared foreign agents. The term carries a strong pejorative sense and implies additional government scrutiny.

In response to this decision from the Russian Ministry of Justice, Pugacheva took social media to respond.  In her message she asked to be named a ‘foreign agent’ like her husband.  She further said her country had “illusory dreams” in Ukraine.  Pugacheva said her husband wished for an end to the death of Russian soldiers, who were “dying for illusory aims that make our country a pariah.”

Alla Pugacheva is also known among Eurovision fans for representing Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest 1997.

Source: CNN, Euronews

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