OGAE Ukraine withdraws from the OGAE Song Contest

OGAE Ukraine has announced it will not participate in the OGAE Song Contest 2022.  As we informed before, OGAE Ukraine had requested the disqualification of OGAE Russia as a consequence of the ongoing war.

However, OGAE International did not agree with their request.  As a consequence, OGAE Ukraine withdrew their participation citing legal and moral reasons.  Moreover, in their statement OGAE Ukraine says their branch intends not to participate in any event organized by OGAE International in which OGAE Russia is also participating.

We are deeply saddened by the decision of the clubs that supported the continuation of OGAE Russia’s participation in the activities of the international society of Eurovision Song Contest fans, as well as with the fact that the main idea of this event — to prevent war on the European continent — was distorted.

This decision do not come as a surprise.  In their initial request, OGAE Ukraine warned that their club would not compete with a club they accuse of supporting the acts of their government.

OGAE Australia is hosting the OGAE Song Contest 2022 after Tones and I won in 2021 with ‘Fly Away’.

We are saddened by this development and hope we will see Ukraine participating again under normal circumstances.


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