Greece: One month left for song submissions | More than 10 songs submitted already!

There is one month left, for those interested in representing Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

There are more artists interested in submitting songs, in comparison to other years, with more than 10 songs already submitted to ERT, the Greek public broadcaster, while at the same point of time during last year’s selection, no song had been submitted!

The interest for the Greek representation is increased!

The Greek public broadcaster expects at least double the amount of song that were submitted last year. The 43 songs for Eurovision 2022, are expected to look like a small number.

The above statement was made clear from early on, back in August 26 when ERT gave out the outline for song submission, for those interested in representing Greece in the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, and since then they get phone calls every day for extra information.

Last year, all artists waited until the last week of the submission deadline to send in their songs, but now more than 10 songs are submitted and there is still one month left. Thinking that as the deadline comes closer the number of submitted songs is increased, ERT’s Eurovision  team is positive that the songs that will be submitted until October 9, when the submission period is over, will be double the amount of last year’s songs.

But of course, the biggest names wait until the last days of the submission period to send their songs, wanting to use all possible time to have a more competitive proposal.

National Final rumors have once again started.

There are tons of fake news in the Greek media about Eurovision, regarding artist proposals from ERT but also, as it has become usual the last years, rumors about the songs taking part in a national final.

We don’t have any information on this as of now, but as common sense says, and also based on our experience on how ERT sees the contest, we are going to say what is written on previous articles.

Due to the political changes that will take place in Greece in the coming months due to elections, but mainly because when a selection process is successful it won’t change, the song and artist selection will once again be internal.

We are waiting one more month, as the next 30 days more and more artists will submit their songs to win the representation of Greece in the contest, with everything new being written in our page!

Last year Greece picked Amanda Georgiadi Tenfjord internally to represent them with the song “Die Together” and continued for yet another year the top 10 streak, ending up 8th with 215 points.

So stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Greek participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, in the United Kingdom!

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