OGAE Poll 2024: The results of OGAE Malta and OGAE Ukraine.

Every year since 2007, OGAE International conducts the OGAE Poll, which includes the votes of its members from 42 different countries. After eighteen countries have voted, it is now Malta’s and Ukraine’s turn to cast their votes.

The results of OGAE Malta are:

  • 1 point goes to France
  • 2 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 3 points go to Sweden
  • 4 points go to Croatia
  • 5 points go to Switzerland
  • 6 points go to Belgium
  • 7 points go to Austria
  • 8 points go to Israel
  • 10 points go to Ukraine and…
  • 12 points go to Italy 

The winner of Malta’s votes is Italy and “La Noia”.

The results of OGAE Ukraine are:

  • 1 point goes to Austria
  • 2 points go to Spain
  • 3 points go to Italy
  • 4 points go to the United Kingdom
  • 5 points go to Lithuania
  • 6 points go to Ukraine
  • 7  points go to Norway
  • 8 points go to Belgium
  • 10 points go to Croatia and..
  • 12 points go to Switzerland 

Nemo get another 12 points this time from OGAE Ukraine but Switzerland is still a bit far from the first place.

The total amount of points after 20 club votes is :

Croatia is still in first place but after Malta’s 12 points, Italy is getting closer. But we still have a half way to go.

Who will be the winner of this year’s OGAE Poll?

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OGAE Poll 2023: The results of the United Kingdom and Ukraine

The next OGAE clubs that revealed their votes are OGAE United Kingdom and Ukraine.

The 948 members of  OGAE United Kingdom voted as per below

  • 12 points to Sweden
  • 10 points to Finland
  • 8 points to Austria
  • 7 points to France
  • 6 points to Norway
  • 5 points to Italy
  • 4 points to Czechia
  • 3 points to Israel
  • 2 points to Australia
  • 1 point toBelgium

The 29 members of OGAE Ukraine voted as per below

  • 12 points to Finland
  • 10 points to Sweden
  • 8 points to Norway
  • 7 points to Austria
  • 6 points to Spain
  • 5 points to Lithuania
  • 4 points to Moldova
  • 3 points to the United Kingdom
  • 2 points to Israel
  • 1 point to Georgia

After the votes of the 23 fan clubs the overall results are as per below

Sweden is still in the lead with only 6 points away from Finland in the second place.

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Source:Ogae International

OGAE Song Contest: UK and Germany withdraw in solidarity with Ukraine!

Two more OGAE members have decided to withdraw from the annual OGAE Song Contest.  The decisions of OGAE UK and OGAE Germany not to participate in the contest held in Australia comes as an act of solidarity with Ukraine.  Just a couple of weeks ago, OGAE Ukraine withdrew from the contest as a protest against the decision to keep OGAE Russia as a contestant.  OGAE Ukraine had asked OGAE International to kick OGAE Russia out of the contest.  The Ukrainian branch accused their Russian counterparts of supporting the ongoing war against Ukraine.

OGAE UK withdrawal

OGAE UK decided to have a voting on whether to remain or leave the OGAE Song Contest following the decision to keep Russia in the contest.

“While many may believe the context of a fan run song contest is a minor event, I reiterate that in this current climate, the politics and actions of one country against another involved in OGAE and Eurovision cannot be ignored or disregarded”. OGAE UK

An internal vote took place on this subject.  According to the results, 72.34% of OGAE UK members decided to leave the OGAE Song Contest.

OGAE Germany withdrawal

In a similar fashion, OGAE Germany voted if they wanted to continue their participation in the current OGAE Song Contest.  OGAE Germany announced in a communication the results of this voting.  In contrast with their British counterparts however, the final results of the German voting were closer.

The majority of the members decided to withdraw with a final result of 56.62% asking to leave against 43.38% who voted to remain.

It is not yet known if other national clubs also voted to leave the contest.  However, according to OGAE Germany “37% of all clubs had voted to comply with OGAE Ukraine’s request outlined above, but OGAE has not made transparent which OGAE International club members voted and how.”

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OGAE Ukraine withdraws from the OGAE Song Contest

OGAE Ukraine has announced it will not participate in the OGAE Song Contest 2022.  As we informed before, OGAE Ukraine had requested the disqualification of OGAE Russia as a consequence of the ongoing war.

However, OGAE International did not agree with their request.  As a consequence, OGAE Ukraine withdrew their participation citing legal and moral reasons.  Moreover, in their statement OGAE Ukraine says their branch intends not to participate in any event organized by OGAE International in which OGAE Russia is also participating.

We are deeply saddened by the decision of the clubs that supported the continuation of OGAE Russia’s participation in the activities of the international society of Eurovision Song Contest fans, as well as with the fact that the main idea of this event — to prevent war on the European continent — was distorted.

This decision do not come as a surprise.  In their initial request, OGAE Ukraine warned that their club would not compete with a club they accuse of supporting the acts of their government.

OGAE Australia is hosting the OGAE Song Contest 2022 after Tones and I won in 2021 with ‘Fly Away’.

We are saddened by this development and hope we will see Ukraine participating again under normal circumstances.


“OGAE Russia allegedly supports actions of their government!”

OGAE Russia has allegedly published an article that makes reference to the Ukraine-Russia war.  Although the article is from February 26 when the war had started, OGAE Ukraine brought it back into the public eye.

As we previously informed, OGAE Ukraine asked OGAE International to disqualify Russia from its annual OGAE Song Contest.  However, the request from OGAE Ukraine has received mixed responses.  There are people who agree to support this petition to show support to Ukraine.  On the other hand, there are fans that consider such a ban would be a “punishment” against Russian artists and fans.  It must be highlighted that OGAE is a fans only organization with no connections to the government of the country.

OGAE Russia publication


OGAE Russia published the message above on their website which is still available in this link.  In the last message OGAE Russia is apparently giving a contradictory message stating they are an apolitical organization but at the same time supporting the war.  The sentence roughly translates:

OGAE Russia considers it necessary to express its apolitical position on what is happening in support of the actions of our country

OGAE Ukraine has condemned this message.  In a recent publication on Instagram, OGAE Ukraine points out that “this means NOT the support for broadcasters’ decisions, NOT the support for artists, but the support for the actions of their country specifically.  Additionally, they mention that in their statement, OGAE Russia used the picture of a house in Ukraine hit by a Russan missile.

According to OGAE Ukraine, their condemnation also extends to one of the chosen Russian contestants. Vladimir Presniakov has  supposedly expressed his support for the war and took part in a concert in support of the Russian invasion.


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