Estonia: 217 songs submitted for Eesti Laul

Today the Estonian broadcaster gave more details about their national selection.  A total of 217 songs were submitted for Eesti Laul.  The competing acts for the semi-finals will be announced at the beginning of November.  Further, we will listen to the songs for the first time in December!

Eesti Laul 2023

The list of wishful candidates for Eesti Laul is very diverse.  According to chief producer Tomi Rauhula there are 92 songs in Estonian and 125 in other languages.  There will be brand new artists who are starting in the music industry as well as artists familiar in Estonia and even some with former Eurovision experience.

“An exceptionally exciting competition is coming …  The choice is fierce and the jury will be difficult.”Tomi Rauhula

The next step in the competition will be deciding which songs will make it to the Semi-Finals.  A panel of jurors will take this difficult decision.  The jury of 16 members includes people well-versed in the music landscape and trends, from singers to radio hosts.  We will get to know the name of the jurors together with the name of the competing acts the same day.  However, the jury votes will vote anonymously.

These are the dates announced for Eesti Laul 2023:

November 1 and 2, 2022: The names of the 20 semi-finalists are announced during “Ringvaate”

December 2, 2022: The songs will be revealed during a special ETV program

January 12, 2023: Eesti Laul Semifinal 1

January 14, 2023: Eesti Laul Semifinal 2

February 11, 2023: Eesti Laul Final

Stefan represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Turin.  His song Hope finished in 13th place


Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun to know more news and updates on Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest!

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