Serbia: Social media logo of RTS does not include Ukraine’s flag!

As it was announced a few days ago, Liverpool will host Eurovision 2023 and EBU has published the logo of the contest, featuring the Ukrainian flag while United Kingdom was written underneath.

However, there have been comments online regarding Serbia’s Public Broadcaster RTS, and the update of the social media pages of the broadcaster which do not include Ukraine’s flag as part of the logo.

Many people claim that this not a coincidence, since Serbian government is being seen as a supporter of Russia during the war with Ukraine, while there have been demonstrations in Belgrade in support of Russia. It should also be mentioned that Serbia gave 7 points to Ukraine in Eurovision 2022, which was the lowest televote score given to Ukraine which scored a record breaking number of points.

Whether this is planned or not, it shows that politics are once again related with the contest.


Do you think Ukraine’s flag is not included on purpose? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Navim
    Navim says:

    It’s fascinating that Serbia is being compared to the United Kingdom or any other Western country.
    Serbia is a third work country.
    There are almost no free media, and decades-long propaganda of brotherly Russia made it so that even pro-western political parties are somewhat undecided on all the topics related to Russia and EU integrations.
    That being said televote score of 7 points for Ukraine, as well as the song choice in 2022 were both very surprising. And I mean surprising in a very positive way.

    • Dady
      Dady says:

      Where can you find truly free media. You will have to search out independent small players on YouTube like sites. Cooperate media is not free media. Putting a flag does not justify what the western countries has done to that country. And for what, in order to “belong” to the western club of displaying their flag and joining NATO?

      Russias problem is the puppet government and the war on the Russian people in Ukraine.

      Don’t be surprised the Serbs see reality more clearly then the western club people.

      I’m order to believe what media wants you to believe you have to truly be a hypocrite or stupid.

      -puppet of no one

  2. TruthHurts
    TruthHurts says:

    Putting the flag of Ukraine up on social media is useless and contributes absolutely nothing to the war. You’re not helping the situation just because you have a little flag up on your profile. Also, Serbia has a right to support whoever it wants to support. Its called – State Sovereignty. Considering their land was stolen by Americans/Albanians, I don’t think the Serbs will ever truly or genuinely side with the west.

    Also, where’s your flag for Palestine? Yemen? Syria? Iraq? Etc.

    I guess its only “evil” when the Russians invade… But when America and its western allies butcher their way through the middle east, you can turn a blind eye and forgot those flags. The hypocrisy and propaganda is outstanding. Even Joseph Goebbels wouldn’t be on par with modern US propaganda.


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