Portugal: The running order of the semi-finals of Festival da Canção 2023 was revealed!

A few minutes ago, RTP, the public broadcaster of Portugal, announced the running order of the two semi-finals of this year’s Festival da Canção, through the festival’s official Instagram account.

This is the running order of the 20  artits competing in the two semi-finals of Festival da Canção:

First Semi-Final (February 25)

  1. MOYAH – “Too Much Sauce”
  2. Bolha – “Sonhos de Liberdade”
  3. April Ivy –“Modo Voo”
  4. Churky – “Encruzilhad”
  5. Cláudia Pascoal – “Nasci Maria”
  6. SAL – “Viver”
  7. Mimicat – “Ai Coração”
  8. You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – “Contraste Mudo”
  9. NEOH SOHO – “Endless World”
  10. Esse Povo – “Sapatos de Cimento”

Second Semi-Final (March 4)

  1. Edmundo Inácio – “A Festa”
  2. The Happy Mess – “O Impossível”
  3. Teresinha Landeiro – “Enquanto é Tempo”
  4. Bandua – “Bandieras”
  5. Bárbara Tinoco – “Goodnight”
  6. Inês Apenas – “Fim do Mundo”
  7. Ivandro – “Povo”
  8. Dapunksportif – “World Needs Therapy”
  9. Lara Li – “Funâmbula”
  10. Voodoo Marmalade – “Tormento”

Festival da Canção 2023

Out of the 20 songs, ten will compete in each semifinal, while in the Final we will have 10 songs, 5 from each semifinal. The result will consist of an equal percentage (50%) of the jury and television audience, with the committee having the first say in case of a tie in qualifying for the fifth participation of each semifinal.

The semi-finals of Festival da Canção will take place on February 25 and March 4, while the Grand Final, where the representative of Portugal will be chose, is set to take place on March 11.

Until we learn who is going to represent Portugal in Eurovision 2023, lets remember their song for last year’s contest. The previous winner of Festival da Canção and Portugal’s representative in Eurovision 2022 was Maro with the song “saudade, saudade“ that ended up in 9th place of the Grand Final, keeping Portugal’s qualification streak for the second year in a row:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Portuguese participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, in Liverpool!

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