Eurovision 2023: Dress Rehearsal of the Grand Final – Live Commentary! (Updated Live)

After the Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, the contestants that got the golden ticket to the Grand Final are ready for their Dress Rehearsal.

EurovisionFun will be watching all the 26 countries competing and will serve you feedback and opinions of the show.

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So stay tuned to this article as we update it with all details, preparing you for what you will see in the Grand Final tomorrow May 13th, at 21:00 CEST.

The Show

The contest begins with an introductory video featuring the Kalush Orchestra singing the winning song “Stefania” in the Kyiv subway, while Sam Ryder is featured playing guitar. We actually listen to a remix of “Stefania” with lyrics in English as well. Then we move to the M&S Bank Arena stage where the Kalush Orchestra are now singing live.

Next comes the flag parade, during which Go_A (Ukraine 2020-2021), Jamala (Ukraine 2016), Tina Karol (Ukraine 2006) and Verka Serduchka (Ukraine 2007) perform.

We also had a second run of the flag parade due to Jamala’s unnatural appearance in the first run.

After the flag parade, the 4 presenters present themselves and welcome us. A very interesting addition is the display of the ranking of the countries with the most wins in the competition and the show begins!

The Competing Countries – LIVE COMMENTARY


First on stage are Teya & Salena. Overall a very good performance, without any change from what we saw yesterday. Personally, I find them a bit sloppy for this particular song. It’s undoubtedly a great opening entry for Saturday’s Grand Final, though, even if that reduces the chances of a very good placing in the voting and may be forgotten in the flow of the show.


Portugal is a country that made a surprise and got the ticket to the Grand Final. Mimicat’s weapons are her incredible temperament and vocal abilities. The order of appearance, however, certainly doesn’t help Mimicat and perhaps speaks to her narrowly missed Final. Portugal will probably be ranked very low tomorrow night!


Another vocally solid performance from Remo Forrer with a purely professional and contemporary approach to a dynamic ballad. However, it’s not the most interesting song in this year’s competition, and the order of appearance certainly doesn’t help. This in relation to the public vote, because the juries’ support for Switzerland’s participation is a given, due to the exceptional vocal abilities of the singer, as well as the jury-friendly genre of the song.


That’s how you turn a weakness to power! Despite all the hate she got, bejba managed to qualify to the Grand Final! Today’s performance was nothing different from what we have already seen, but being a rehearsal we had the opportunity to see Blanka without make-up! I don’t know what will be the fate of participating in the competition, but Blanka will definitely be one of our winners of Eurovision 2023.


Another very nice performance from Luke Black. The video game graphics add a very nice touch to the look. Doubtful, of course, his fate in the final situation!


Perhaps La Zarra’s best vocal appearance. With the air of a French diva, she marches into the final and everything suggests that France will be placed very high in the ranking table.


Very strong performance from Andrew Lambrou. Although it was a rehearsal, he was vocally perfect, while the LED graphics blend very well with the song and make the whole look impressive.


Blanca Paloma has powerful vocals. Powerful! Spain’s stage appearance is similar to that of Benidorm Fest. Red dominates and there is a lot of smoke. Juries will love it, televoting hardly.

This is followed by a break with a Junior Eurovision-related video.


It’s time for the odds’ favourite with more than 50% winning chance, Sweden. Loreen serves vocals, as always and the performance is the same to what we have seen. Great camera angles hiding the ”disadvantage” of having much smaller led screens than in national selection performance.


Albania was the outsider for qualification from semi-final 2, being 13th at the odds before the rehearsals. As in Poland, once again we get the chance to see the singers without make-up! Very powerful performance, showing in a great way the connection of the family.


Similar performance to Sanremo, but there is an addition of a staircase prop with 2 dancers. Marco Mengoni is vocally perfect and emotional. Juries will love this.


Alika suprisingly managed to reached to the Grand Final, even though her song is not that televote-friendly. She is rehearsing without make-up and she seems to holding strength for the juries tonight!


The only entry that can ”fight” Sweden for the win. An energetic performance, hoping to get as much as televoting support to reach the trophy. Not sure if the juries will appreciate this tonight.


A song with a strong message! The singers, without make-up, seem to be holding back and not giving their 100%. The juries tonight will appreciate this, but also the televote from the slavic countries will support this entry a lot! A top 10 performance.


Uplifting performance from Australia and Voyager. Not much differences from what we have already seen. A powerful and memorable performance, there is no way the audience won’t remember this after the show. Not sure how massive the televoting support will be, as Australia is usually not getting much support from the audience. Also, not sure if the juries will give this many points.


Gustaph, considered as sure non-qualifier when first selected, managed to turn the table around and qualify to the Grand Final as a sure qualifier. A rehearsal with improvisations to the singing and dancing. Potential Top 10 at televoting, and could also do very well at juries!


Brunette with the suprise dance-break is next on the stage. Could be better vocally, but Brunette undoubtedly has one of the best stagings this year. A big question mark how the televote and juries are going to react to this entry. Deserves a top 10, though


Definitely a memorable entry! Folk is greatly represented by the flute. The dwarf will help Moldova get many televoting points. Predicting a Top 10 at televoting, but don’t think that the juries will go for it.


Time for the co-host country to rehearse. This song with ”The Weeknd” vibe would get a great result, even if it was sung by another country. Great use of the LED screens and the singer seems to be holding back. There is no doubt Ukraine won’t get the Top 5 result, especially in the televoting.


The entry that got viral on Tik Tok and will likely get a massive televoting score. Alessandra is not vocally perfect and underwhelming, hoping to see her more energetic tomorrow. Predicting a low Top 10


A shock performance and not because of the staging or the song, but the lead singers’ clothes. He is not wearing the typical costume, but a black sleeveless, a pants with a cat over his black and white trousers and sunglasses.


Even though it is a rehearsal, Monika is vocally excellent. She is without make-up and seems to enjoying the rehearsal. Juries will love this song, but would not be surprised with a bottom 5 in televoting.


Noa Kirel is a goddess and could do the surprise at televoting tomorrow. Vocally, she is quite unstable, but she is definitely delivers a great show, that is going to be appreciated at the Grand Final tomorrow.


A performance full of energy! Joker Out know how to rouse the audience. The lead singer is vocally great and give an uplifting number. Could get a suprise result tomorrow.


Even though the lead singer was ill, it isn’t obvious in this performance. Not a flattering entry for Croatia, but will get the country’s best result in years. The juries won’t give it much points, but the televoting will go for it.

United Kingdom

Last but not least, Mae Muller comes on stage for her rehearsal. The worst vocal performance today, but she gives a great and colourful show! Predicting below 20th place.


Intervals acts

The interval acts start with Sam Ryder.

Later, “Liverpool Song Book” follows.

First up is Mahmood (Italy 2019 and 2022), who performs “Imagine” by John Lehnon, whose birthplace was Liverpool. Next is Netta (Israel 2018) singing “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)”. Then, Daði Freyr (Iceland 2020 and 2021) with “Whole Again” and Cornelia Jakobs (Sweden 2022) with “I Turn to You”. Last, Sonia (United Kingdom 1993) sings after 30 years her participation “Better the Devil You Know” and also Duncan Laurence (Netherlands 2019). In some moments we also see Ruslana from Ukraine. The common denominator of all these appearances is the city of Liverpool. Very moving interval act.

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