Sweden: Örnsköldsvik interested in hosting next year’s contest!

Last Saturday, Sweden won for the 7th time, equalling the victories of Ireland in the contest! Loreen with the song Tattoobrought the contest back home and even if only a couple of days have passed, cities around Sweden have started expressing their interest to host next year’s contest!

Following Malmö, Örnsköldsvik, a city in Northern Sweden with a population of about 30.000 poeple, joins the “hunger games” of the host city for 2024. Örnsköldsvik had bid to host the contest back in 2016, when Måns Zemerlöw won, but ahead of the contest Örnsköldsvik was reportedly unable to host the contest due to insufficient capacity!

Örnsköldsvik had hosted this year’s Melodifestivalen Semifinalen at Hägglunds Arena, where the arena looked a bit tiny compared to other shows of the tour and also there have been reports of rip-off prices to rather limited and not decent enough selection of hotel rooms, during the weekend of the contest.

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