Eurovision 2024: Which country wants less power to the Juries?

Norway does not like at all the fact that every year the amount of points from the juries is smaller than that of the tele-voting, thus opening a big discussion on this matter. The cause of course was the huge discrepancy that occurred this year, in the voting of the television audience in relation to that of the national juries, after the latter overturned the final result and gave the victory to Loreen and Tatoo.

Stig Karlsen, head of the Norwegian delegation to the Eurovision contest, has revealed that his country’s public television is going to propose changing the scoring system, by limiting the voting of the juries.

In his interview on the Eurovíziós Podcast, Stig Karlsen justifies the above, saying that he believes that people’s interest in the contest will decrease if they see that their favorite song does not take first place.

Although he considers the existence of critical committees necessary, he suggests a change of the balance to 40% or even 30% of the final result, with the remaining percentage determined by the voting of the television audience.

“The juries system at Eurovision should definitely be evaluated and the discussion is very welcome. There has been a difference (in the results) between the jury and the public vote in the past, but this year it was extremely wide. The people obviously had a different winner. The fact that a jury of 185 people should have as much power as millions of viewers is questionable”

At this point we remind you that Finland gained 376 points in the tele-voting, with Loreen receiving respectively only 243. On the other hand Sweden received 340 points, with Finland gaining only 150 in the jury voting.

The whole jury system has had a great repercussion on Norway during the last year. The highlight was the 2019 Norwegian entry with KEiiNO who despite winning the tele-voting at the grand final, the juries allocated them only 18th!

Any change to the contest’s voting system must first be approved by the Reference Group, which is expected to convene next January to approve the regulations for Eurovision 2024.

Source: Eurovíziós Podcast

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