Greece: National final and new commentators for ERT?

Given ERT‘s openness to modifications, enthusiasm arose when Marina Satti was named the Greek representative for Eurovision 2024. Typologies reports that although the method of choosing the song that Marina Satti will perform in Malmö is still up in the air, a national final is not out of the question. Furthermore, the same article suggests that the Greek national proadcaster considers changing the show’s commentators.

Typologies reports in an article on the most recent events around Greece’s Eurovision 2024 participation that ERT is preparing a number of adjustments in light of this year’s 50th anniversary of Greece’s debut participation in the competition, which took place in 1974.

The article also disclosed that ERT is considering the possibility of switching up the show’s commentators. If this decision is carried out, it is not surprising because ERT has already made actions along these lines in the past. Specifically, when ERT chose its Eurovision representative internally the majority of the time, broad adjustments were made to the contest’s approach to revitalize the brand.

Will ERT’s approach to Eurovision be restarted given the selection of Marina Satti and the 50th anniversary of Greece’s participation?

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Source: Typologies 

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