Australia: Delta Goodrem talks about a possible Eurovision participation!

Australia has been the youngest member of the Eurovision family since its debut back in 2015. During all those years multiple famous artists have represented the Land Down Under in the Contest with Jessica Mauboy, Dami Im and Kate MillerHeidke being among those beloved singers.

One more beloved and world-wide famous singer and songwriter from Australia, however, who talked about a possible participation is Delta Goodrem, who recently returned from Europe where she performed for her world tour.

During her interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, she did not forget to express her love and admiration for Eurovision stating that:

I’ve always loved watching Eurovision, it’s such a great moment in time. I’ve always been just running in my own race and whatever I’m meant to sort of cross paths with I’ll move towards that if a time feels right, but not currently. But I always loved cheering on everybody because the music is always so great. I mean look what Måneskin did, it’s amazing.

Currently Delta Goodrem, who became a world-wide famous artist in 2003 with her debut album “Innocent Eyes”, is returning to her acting career working on her movie “Love Is In the Air” on Netflix, meaning that both 2023 and 2024 will be two of the busiest years of her life, without rejecting however the possibility of a future participation.

Until then take a look at her 2015 single “Wings”:

Source: Yahoo Lifestyle

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