Azerbaijan: “You’ll know it when our Eurovision representative is selected”

Despite the intense preparations in the Land of Fire before the New Year, there is nothing new about the representation of Azerbaijan in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024!

According to the Azerbaijani website, 12xal, a question that is asked a lot in the country is “Who will represent us at Eurovision?”Ilaha Dadashova is the head of press of Azerbaijan’s public televisionIctimai TV, and she answered the question, of the fans:

“There is no new information that we can share about the selection process. If there was, you would know.”

The latest news we had from Azerbaijan was the announcement of the six candidates for the country’s representation. In detail, the six artists are:

  • Emiliya Yaqubova
  • Ilkin Dovlatov, Mila Miles and Etibar Asadli
  • Aisel (Azerbaijan 2018)
  • Fahree I.
  • Qorqud (Elvin Novruzov)
  • Sabina Guluzadeh

As we’ve previously informed you, there is no specific information about the progress of the selection and what else to expect. Ictimai Television has not revealed to the public any details regarding the selection process. For any update, we expect an announcement via its social media accounts.

TuralTuranX represented Azerbaijan at Eurovision 2023, with the song “Tell Me More”, finishing in 14th place in the semi-final, giving the country its second non-qualification:

Stay tuned on Eurovisionfun for all the news regarding the Azeri participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024, in Malmö!


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