Israel: On February 6, the choice of representative for Eurovision 2024!

In an announcement, Israel’s public television reports today that the HaKokhav Haba final will be held on February 6, where the Israeli representative for Eurovision 2024 will be chosen.

Four contestants will compete in the grand finale of HaKokhav Haba for the ticket to Malmo, Sweden. The winner will be chosen by the viewers and judges.

KAN has already made a call to a wide range of Israeli creators to submit the song with which the winner of HaKokhav Haba will represent the country at Eurovision 2024. A necessary condition for those who submit a song this year is that it also contains Jewish lyrics.

At least 30 creators will nominate their songs for the winner of HaKokhav Haba, who will also be able to nominate a song. All creators must have Israeli citizenship, while foreign creators are not allowed to participate. Each creator can submit up to two songs, until February 11th.

The song selection committee will consist of seven members and will choose based on professional criteria such as: the quality and originality of the lyrics and melody, the suitability of the song for the artist, the suitability of the song for the Eurovision contest, the chances success of the song in the Eurovision contest, suitability for representing the company as a public broadcaster, the general impression left by the song and other relevant criteria.

The proposed songs will be presented to the committee anonymously, without revealing the identity of the creators of the songs to the committee members. Composers participating in Israel’s song selection process will not be able to participate as composers in another country for Eurovision 2024.

According to the regulations, if the committee does not find a suitable song, it can publish a call to the general public for additional songs, or choose a song that has been published after September 1, or choose a song from other songs submitted for Israel’s participation at Eurovision, between 2021-2023.

The winning song will be edited, recorded and produced a clip, in preparation for the program to reveal the song, as well as for its submission to Eurovision. The song will be announced in a special show in late February or early March!

At the moment there are seven artists left in the running to represent Israel at Eurovision 2024:

Leanne Byrne
Eden Golan
Arik Sinai
Shay Tamino
Or Cohen
Mika Moshe
Dor Shimoni

One of the above will be the HaKokhav Haba winner and the one who will get the ticket to the 68th Eurovision Song Contest.

Last year Israel at Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool was represented by the explosive Noa Kirel and the song “Unicorn” who gave the Middle Eastern country the third place in the Grand Final, collecting 362 points.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all developments regarding Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024, in Malmö!

Source: Euromix
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