Eurovision 2024: SVT regrets choosing Malmö as the host city?

One of the most well-known radio producers on Israeli public radio, Yigal Ravid, mentioned today on a KAN radio program that members of the Swedish broadcaster admitted to the Israeli delegation that Malmö’s selection as the 2024 Eurovision host city was apparently a mistake.

For SVT and the EBU, choosing Malmö to host the 68th Eurovision Song Contest is turning out to be a major security risk. With over 70,000 Muslims calling this city home, it is widely regarded as the most pro-Palestinian city in the nation, with numerous anti-Israel demonstrations occurring literally every day.

When the host city was chosen, the events of October 7th had obviously not occurred. But now that the situation is tense, this option appears dangerous.

On the other hand, Stockholm was out of the running due to Taylor Swift’s concerts which coincide with Eurovision, as well as the refusal of the city’s football teams. Hence, there was no arena available, making Malmö the only choice for hosting the event.

Eurovision 2024 approaches, with security measures tighter than ever before, as the EBU and Swedish organizers face their most difficult challenge.

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Israel: Does Hurricane’s music video hide October 7th messaging?

While Eurovision strives to avoid politics at all costs, hints of the October 7 massacre in Eden Golan’s ‘Hurricane’ video are already being interpreted on social media – from symbols representing the hostages to a hole in her shirt resembling a gunshot.

The drama surrounding Israel’s entry for Eurovision 2024 seems far from over, and could remain that way until Israel’s representative, Eden Golan, takes the stage in Malmo, Sweden in May with the song “Hurricane.”

Over the weekend, stylist Itay Bezaleli shared a video on his TikTok account addressing the analysis by TikToker Shira Danino, who pointed out “what was hidden from us in Eden’s Eurovision clip.”

Bezaleli said that he liked Danino’s interpretation but did not directly address the matter, even when approached by Ynet. Bezaleli is the regular costume designer for Israel’s Eurovision contestants and has been responsible for the memorable outfits of Netta Barzilai (2018) and Noa Kirel (2023) for Eurovision.
Danino sought and found signs related to the October 7 massacre, interpretations, and visual cues reflected in the singer’s costume choices. For example, the collar tie of Golan’s bodysuit reminded her of the symbol for bringing home the hostages. Another sign appeared on a tiny belly top with a hole in the center resembling a gunshot.
Furthermore, she pointed out that, at the beginning of the song, the dancers and Golan wear white clothes in the video (“After all, Simchat Torah”), which also contrasts with the white celebrations on the kibbutz lawns, and in the end, they switch to black clothes (“symbolizing mourning and the pain we transitioned from the holiday to the war”).
Danino invited followers to add their interpretations in the comments, and some have already pointed out the orange sun as a reference to the red-haired Bibas children who are still held captive by Hamas terrorists in Gaza.
Whether the visual messages were deliberate or coincidental, the search for messages in clothing has divided Israelis since October 7, splitting the world into two camps: for Israel and against it. Those who happened to post a photo wearing blue and white clothes are considered supporters, while symbols in the colors of green, black, red and white, associated with the Palestinian flag, are seen as opposing Israel.
The situation reached absurdity with calls to boycott brands, websites and fashion brands like Zara, ASOS, and others, following the appearance of colorful campaigns and packages sent to Israel, including a campaign photographed in an art studio with sculptures and the model Kristen McMenamy, reminding pro-Palestinian activists of bodies pulled from rubble in Gaza.

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Andrew Lambrou is voicing his support for Eden Golan’s Hurricane!

Andrew Lambrou, representative of Cyprus in last year’s Eurovision Song Contest, expresses his support and admiration for Eden Golan’s Hurricane, Israel’s Eurovision 2024 entry. In a message he sent to Eden, he mentions that he has had an obsession with Hurricane, while Eden Golan tells him that she has missed him a lot.

In the two days or so of Hurricane’s release, the videoclip has exceeded 2 million views (on the Eurovision, Eden and KAN channels), won the first place on the Israeli spotify charts, while on the Eurovision Instagram account it has the most views behind only the Netherlands’ Europapa.

Watch Hurricane’s first live performance and then our reaction video:

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Israel: Eden Golan sings “Hurricane” live!

Shortly before the end of the KAN broadcast for the presentation of the video clip of Israel’s participation in Eurovision 2024, Eden Golan sang live and acapella, a small part of Hurricane, proving once again her vocal capabilities.

Eden Golan will represent Israel at Eurovision 2024 with the song Hurricane. Israel participates in the second half of the second semi-final.

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Israel: The lyrics of “Hurricane” by Eden Golan!

The new lyrics for Israel’s Eurovision entry has been revealed. “October Rain” has been replaced and the new song, called “Hurricane,” has received the coveted approval, Israel can now reveal the lyrics that Eden Golan will perform on the big stage in Sweden.

Much of the song is identical to its original version except for changes that allude to the war and the mood of the country. The most significant change is in the Hebrew lyrics that come at the end of the song.

The new words in Hebrew read the following: “No need for big words, only prayers, even if it’s hard to see you always leave me one small light.”

The original text, on the other hand, dealt with the fallen, the murdered, and the situation in the country: “There’s no air left to breathe, no place, no me, from day to day, they’re all good kids, each one of them .”

There are also changes to the English part. The opening words of the song, which in its original version focused on “the writers of history,” but in the current version address just players of an orchestra.

Another change is replacing the word “flowers,” which implies war casualties; was replaced with “powers”. As expected, the phrase “October Rain,” which recurred several times, was completely omitted from the text.

Contrary to the text, it should be noted that the melody remained unchanged. It’s a powerful, emotional, and beautiful ballad that will be revealed tonight in its full musical format.

Here are the English lyrics of the song:

____ symphony, playing with me,
Look into my eyes and see
People walk away but never say goodbye
Someone stole the moon tonight,
Took my light,
Everything is black and white
Who’s the fool who told you boys don’t cry?
Hours and hours and powers
Life is no game but it’s happen
While the time goes by…
Every day i’m losing my mind
Holding on in this mysterious ride
Dancing in the storm, i got nothing to hide
Take it out and leave the world behind
Baby, promise me you hold me again
I’m still taken from this hurricane,
This hurricane

The video clip of the song will be revealed tonight at 22.00 cet.

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Israel: Eden Golan’s reaction to the approval of her participation by the EBU!

Just yesterday the EBU solemnly confirmed that Israel will be present at the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, with the song Hurricane by Eden Golan. The reference group of the competition approved the lyrics of the song, signed by Keren Pels, Avi Ohion and Stav Begar. Eden Golan heard the news over the phone and her reaction was, as expected, enthusiastic, making an appointment with everyone in Malmö. Read more

Israel: EBU approves “Hurricane” | Eden Golan will normally compete in Eurovision 2024!

In an official announcement, the Israeli public television (KAN) informs us that Eden Golan’s new song entitled Hurricane has been approved by the EBU and therefore it is now official that it will compete normally in Eurovision 2024!

The song will be announced in a special show on Sunday, March 10 at 21.30 Greek time. Hurricane is signed by Keren Pels, Avi Ohion and Stav Begar and has the same melody as October Rain, which was rejected by the EBU, considering it to have political lyrics, since it referred to the events of the terrorist attack by Hamas last October in southern Israel.

While KAN initially stated that it did not intend to change the lyrics of the song and would therefore withdraw from the competition, the intervention of the country’s president seemed to be the catalyst. Isaac Hertzog urged KAN to make the necessary changes to the lyrics of the song, so that Israel would not miss out on this important international event, thus giving joy to the country’s opponents, who wish for its international isolation.

We await with interest the announcement of the Israeli participation.

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Israel: Eden Golan will sing “Hurricane” at Eurovision 2024!

The selection committee of Israel Public Television (KAN) for Eurovision, chose to submit the song “Hurricane” for the contest. The song is based on the melody of ‘October Rain’ written by Keren Pels, Avi Ohion and Stav Begar.

The selection committee of the Israeli song for Eurovision 2024, met and chose to submit the song “Hurricane” to the EBU. The committee believes that the song will be approved and will normally compete in the second semi-final which will be held on May 9, in Malmö, Sweden. The song “Hurricane” is based on the melody of “October Rain”. Originally, the song’s lyrics alluded to the terrible carnage carried out by Hamas in Israel on October 7, but the EBU pulled the song due to the political nature of the lyrics. The new lyrics refer to a young woman coming out of a personal crisis.

The song was written by Stav Begar (from the writers and producers of “Toy”), Avi Ohion, and “The Next Star” judge – Keren Ples.

The news was revealed by Israel Hayom’s entertainment journalist – Eran Suissa, and comes after this morning KAN confirmed that it is taking all necessary steps to allow Israel to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

KAN contacted the creators of the two selected songs, “October Rain” which was selected in first place and the song “Dance Forever” which came in second place, and requested that the lyrics be adjusted, while maintaining full artistic freedom. The adjustments have already been made at the request of the company and the song was chosen from the new texts.

The above happened after the urging of the country’s president, Yitzhak Herzog, on public television, emphasizing the importance of Israel’s presence in this year’s Eurovision song contest.

On Sunday, March 10 at 20.30 cet, the song with which Eden Golan will participate in Eurovision 2024 will be revealed!

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Israel: The country’s President is trying to resolve the issue with EBU | “It is important for us to participate”!

According to the statements of the President of Israel, Isaac Herzog, efforts are being made on his part for Israel to participate normally in Eurovision 2024, overcoming the problems that have been created with the lyrics of the song, KAN has chosen for its Eurovision entry.

President Isaac Herzog is trying to help resolve the dispute that has arisen between Israel’s public broadcaster and the EBU over the lyrics of the song chosen by the KAN committee for Eden Golan to compete in Eurovision 2024.

“I think it is important for Israel to appear at Eurovision and this is also a statement because there are haters who try to drive us out of every stage,” the president said at a conference in Jerusalem, according to Jewish media reports.

“Being smart isn’t just about being right,” he adds, implying that even if everyone in Israel thinks the lyrics of the song shouldn’t be changed, it’s more important to be smart and not be absent from the 68th Eurovision Song Contest, something that many around the world have been trying to achieve in various ways lately.

We remind you that the EBU, again according to reports, does not approve the lyrics of October Rain, considering that they contain political content. On the other hand, KAN has declared that it does not intend to change the lyrics of the song and that if the EBU does not approve it, it will withdraw from the competition. The intervention of the country’s first citizen brings a new twist to the case. We await the developments with interest.

October Rain lyrics:

The writers of history

Stand by me

Look into my eyes and you will see

People go but never say goodbye


Someone stole the moon tonight

Took my light

Everything is black and white

Who is the fool who told you?

That boys don’t cry


Hours and hours and flowers

Life is not a game for cowards

Why does time go crazy?


Every day I lose my mind

Clinging to this mysterious journey

Dancing up a storm

We have nothing to hide

Take me home


Leave the world behind

And I promise you never again

I’m still wet from the October rain

October rain


Live in fantasy

In ecstasy

Everything is meant to be

We will die, but love never will


Hours and hours and flowers

Life is not a game for cowards

Why does time go crazy?


Every day I lose my mind

Clinging to this mysterious journey

Dancing up a storm

We have nothing to hide

Take me home


And leave the world behind

And I promise you never again

I’m still wet from the October rain

October rain

October rain


(This part will be in Hebrew)

There is no air left to breathe

There is no place, I am not there day by day

They are all good kids, one by one

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Israel: With “October Rain” Eden Golan in Eurovision 2024?

According to reports in the Israeli media, the song chosen by the country’s public television commission for Eden Golan to compete in Eurovision 2024 is October Rain. However, a conflict between the composers of the song can bring about last-minute twists.

Clash of the creators of October Rain

Eran Suisa of Israel Hayom, a well-known journalist who has from time to time revealed many news concerning Israel in the contest, in his article reveals that the selection of KAN for Eurovision 2024 is the song of Avi Ohion, Keren Peles and Stav Begar, October Rain. The song is in English lyrics, except for two phrases in Hebrew, and refers to the events of October 7, with the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli soil, which resulted in the death of thousands of civilians and the kidnapping of hundreds of hostages. This terrorist attack led to the start of hostilities in Gaza, between the armed forces of Israel and the fighters of Hamas. A war conflict that continues to this day.

The announcement of the song was expected to happen immediately after its approval by the EBU, while the video clip would be released in early March. However, a last-minute development may bring reversals. So according to what Era Suisa reports, Stav Begar reportedly wants his name placed among the creators of the song, with Avi Ohion and Keren Peles not agreeing and insisting that he should be credited simply as an arranger.

Stav Berger claims that if his request is not accepted, he will ask for the song to be withdrawn. This would eventually result in the second shortlisted song, Mai Safdia and Yanon Yahal (creators of Unicorn) being selected.

Is October Rain a political song?

In addition to all of the above, the debate was also opened as to whether Israel could participate in the competition, with a song with this title and these implications?

There are not a few who believe that the song is clearly political and the EBU should not allow it. On the other hand, there are also voices that parallel the case of October Rain with Jamala’s 1944, saying that the song simply recounts events that have happened, having a historical and not a political connotation.

The solution will be given by the EBU which will approve or not the lyrics of the song. KAN in any case has an alternative solution, the second song, which it has also sent for approval to the EBU.

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