Israel: EBU approves “Hurricane” | Eden Golan will normally compete in Eurovision 2024!

In an official announcement, the Israeli public television (KAN) informs us that Eden Golan’s new song entitled Hurricane has been approved by the EBU and therefore it is now official that it will compete normally in Eurovision 2024!

The song will be announced in a special show on Sunday, March 10 at 21.30 Greek time. Hurricane is signed by Keren Pels, Avi Ohion and Stav Begar and has the same melody as October Rain, which was rejected by the EBU, considering it to have political lyrics, since it referred to the events of the terrorist attack by Hamas last October in southern Israel.

While KAN initially stated that it did not intend to change the lyrics of the song and would therefore withdraw from the competition, the intervention of the country’s president seemed to be the catalyst. Isaac Hertzog urged KAN to make the necessary changes to the lyrics of the song, so that Israel would not miss out on this important international event, thus giving joy to the country’s opponents, who wish for its international isolation.

We await with interest the announcement of the Israeli participation.

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the updates!

Source: KAN
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