Israel: The head of delegation’s response to everything that happened at Eurovision 2024!

For everything that happened behind the scenes of Eurovision 2024, Yoav Tsafir, head of the Israeli delegation to the contest, gave his own answers.

Yoav Tsafir, who has a lot of experience with the competition, having accompanied Israeli delegations for at least eight years, argued that the source of the tension and all the drama that unfolded behind the scenes of this year’s contest was Israel’s rise to second place in the betting and the possibility of Eden Golan winning Eurovision 2024.

He first described how the members of the Israeli delegation were wearing tracking bracelets so that the security accompanying them knew where they were at all times. The hosts had prohibited them from traveling outside the hotel.

Some of the delegations of the other countries demanded not to be filmed with Eden Golan, while journalists from Israel were not allowed to photograph them either.

Relations between the Israeli delegation and some other delegations deteriorated rapidly immediately after the end of the semi-final, when Hurricane moved into second place in the betting.

Suddenly they started a competition, who will be more aggressive against Israel.

Also according to his words, several judges who are members of the national juries were instructed to rate Israel low, which is proven by the difference in the score of the juries and the television audience.

Finally, when on the day of the final the organizers decided to remove the Israeli delegation from the rest and put it in a dressing room away from the rest, Yoav Tsafir replied:

The last time they seperated the Jews in Europe like this was in 1939.

The above is the Israeli version of what happened behind the scenes of this year’s contest, which stigmatized it in the worst way.

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