Netherlands: Duncan Laurence interested in hosting Eurovision if Joost Klein wins!

Joost Klein, the Dutch representative for Eurovision 2024, unveiled his entry “Europapa” a week ago. “Europapa” has grown in popularity in the Netherlands over the last week, with Dutch fans ecstatic about a strong performance in Malmö.

The excitement is so high that Duncan Laurence, the winner of Eurovision 2019, has publicly stated his desire to host Eurovision 2025 if Joost Klein wins in Malmö.

Specifically, Duncan Laurence mentions:

I like individuality and authenticity. That is Joost to the core. I think his song is great.

Europapa” is a major streaming success, with 1.2 million streams in the first 24 hours of release. In fact, Joost Klein surpassed Duncan Laurence’s record of one million Spotify streams in the first 24 hours of “Arcade’s” release.

The aforementioned cannot go unnoticed with Duncan Laurence saying:

It was about time that was broken. I’m glad Joost did that. We have known each other for quite a long time, we once attended the same event together. Joost is very good at dealing with media and social media, which will work greatly in his favor. I hope he wins and brings the Eurovision Song Contest back to the Netherlands. If that happens, I will sign up as a presenter.

I can put that so-called English accent of mine to good use for once, and I also speak a little bit of French.

The Netherlands will perform at the second half of the second semi-final on May 9.

You can also watch EurovisionFun’s reaction video on “Europapa“, below:

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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