Austria Kaleen Second Rehearsal

Eurovision 2024: Austria’s Second Rehearsal!

The moment for Austria’s second rehearsal has officially arrived, as Kaleen sets the mood with her song “We Will Rave”! 

Who is Kaleen? 

Performing has always been an integral part of Kaleen’s life, considering she has been doing it ever since she was little and has gained great experience as a singer, dancer and choreographer. Thus, she has shined at numerous national, European and international dance championships. 

However, Kaleen is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest. She contributed as a stand-in singer for the rehearsals of Eurovision 2018 and also, as a dancer and choreographer for the interval acts. Moreover, she supported a few acts at last year’s edition and, as for Junior Eurovision, Kaleen took the responsibility of the creative direction of Spain and Bulgaria in 2021 and the overall stage direction in 2022. 

 The rehearsal 

Τhere’s an inverted pyramid made of metal scaffolding hanging above the middle of the stage, that shoots lasers, giving the stage a warehouse rave vibe. She is wearing a silver sparkly leotard and thigh boots, different in comparison with the ones of the first rehearsal. She has four male backing dancers, wearing black cargo pants, sleeveless jackets and oversized wraparound shades. With Kaleen they deliver a full-on dance routine that covers the whole stage.

Austria Second Rehearsal/ Credit: Alma Bengtsson/EBU

There’s also a RUM-DE-DUM-DA-DA hip swivel move. Smoke and steam jets, and Kaleen tried a different (and much fluffier) white coat. No idea which will make it through to second rehearsals – we’ll find out later in the week!

After today’s second rehearsals a recap video will be published on the official Youtube channel! Stay tuned!

The Dress Rehearsal for Austria and the rest of Semi Final 2 is scheduled for Wednesday the 8th of May!

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