Breaking News: Alessandra withdrew from being the Norwegian spokesperson!

Alessandra Mele was scheduled to hand out points on behalf of Norway during tonight’s final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Now, however, Dagbladet has confirmed that she is withdrawing from that task.

Channel host Ingvild Helljesen takes over the task.

Source: Dagbladet

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MTV EMA 2023: Eurostars among the award recipients!

The 2023 edition of the MTV Europe Music Awards may have been cancelled due to the ongoing Israel-Hamas war for security reasons, however this did not prevent the hosts of announcing the winners of each award category. Winning artists were revealed yesterday and hence will receive their awards at a later stage.

The regional European MTV awards have a strong connection with Eurovision, as many artists emerge each year from the contest and introduce themselves into a wider audience. As a result, there could not be an MTV winning artists’ list without the presence of Eurovision stars.


  • Måneskin, the winners of Eurovision 2021, have won in the “Best Rock” category as well as in the “Best Italian Act“. This marks the second time they have been awarded with the “Best Rock”, following 2021 and the first time with “Best Italian Act“, after being nominated for three times.
  • Gjon’s Tears has been awarded the “Best Swiss Act” award for the second time, following 2021, the year he competed in Eurovision, finishing third.

Best Nordic Act

This year, we could all agree that the “Best Nordic Act” category was a bloodbath. All the three artists nominated for the prize were Eurovision 2023 artists. Loreen, Alessandra and Käärijä were nominated, indicating the big commercial success they had after achieving a top five placement in Liverpool.

The choice was hard, but in the end Käärijä from Finland won the award of the “Best Nordic Act”.

Other Eurovision artists nominated

Along with the aforementioned, there were more Eurovision stars nominated for an award in the MTV EMA 2023, such as

  • Sam Ryder (United Kingdom 2022) was nominated for the “Best Push Artist” category
  • and S10 (Netherlands 2022) was nominated for the “Best Dutch Act” category

“Best Israeli Act” missing

Reading the winning artists’ list, we can easily notice the absence of the “Best Israeli Act” category. There is no information given by the awards committee about the exclusion of the category referring to the Israeli music scene and to what extent it is connected with the ongoing war.

Nevertheless, on the nominated artists’ list, Noa Kirel, the Israeli representative in Liverpool, was also found. Noa Kirel, even before her introduction to the European audience the past May, has been a multi-nominated and multi-awarded artist in the MTV EMAs.

You can check the full list of the winning artists here.

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MTV Europe Music Awards 2023: Which Eurostars are nominated for the awards?

The nominations have beeen announced for the MTV’s Europe Music Awards, which is the European version for MTV’s American Music Awards. Taylor Swift tops the list with the most nominations (seven), followed by Olivia Rodrigo and SZA with six nominations. Next on the list to claim the most awards are Måneskin (winners of Eurovision 2021) with four nominations.

Apart from Måneskin, there are more Eurostars being nominated than any other year, proving that the Eurovision Song Contest is strongest and the most artistically influential contest in the world.

The candidates are:

  • Måneskin (Italy 2021) as Best Group, Best Rock, Best Live, Best Italian Act
  • Sam Ryder (United Kingdom 2022) as Best Push Artist
  • S10 (Netherlands 2022) as Best Dutch Act
  • Noa Kirel (Israel 2023) as Best Israeli Act
  • Alessandra (Norway 2023) as Best Scandinavian Act
  • Käärijä (Finland 2023) as Best Scandinavian Act
  • Loreen (Sweden 2012,2023) as Best Scandinavian Act
  • Gjon’s Tears (Switzerland 2020,2021) as Best Swiss Act

It’s worth noting that for the first year, a Eurostar managed to be nominated in four categories, just as for the first time three Eurostars are nominated in the same category to claim the Best Scandinavian Act Award.

Apart from Eurostars, some artists who previously participated in the National Final to represent their country in the contest also have their honor. More specifically, in the category of Best Italian Act together with Måneskin, the candidates are: Annalisa (Sanremo 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2021), Elodie (Sanremo 2017, 2020, 2023) and Lazza (Sanremo 2023).

The MTV EMA’s 2023 will be held on Novenber 5th at Nord Villepinte in Paris, France. The award ceremony will be broacast live on MTV.

You can cast unlimited votes for your favorite artists at the MTV EMA’s 2023 by clicking here, voting will last until October 31st at 11:59pm CET.

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Norway: Τhe viewing figures of the Eurovision Grand Final 2023!

In Norway, 86% of viewers watched the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Grand Final live from Liverpool.

A total of 1,076,000 viewers watched the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 Grand Final live on NRK on Saturday night. This number represents a drop of 153,000 viewers compared to 2022, however, the show still recorded an 86% share of viewers, down 3% compared to 2022. The final’s overall audience share is the lowest Eurovision audience share in Norway since the country failed to qualify in 2016.

The viewing figures for Eurovision 2023 in Norway were as follows:

First Semi-Final – 604,000 – 58%  share
Second Semi-Final – 438,000 – 56%  share
Grand Final – 1,076,000 viewers – 86% share

Norway was represented by Alessandra Mele at Eurovision 2023 with the song “Queen of Kings”. She placed 5th in the final with 268 points.

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Eurovision 2023: Norway’s Second Rehearsal!

Are you ready for the official start of the second-rehearsals? Alessandra is about to prove she is the queen of this year’s eurovision. Let’s see what she got for us!


“Nothin’ in this world can stop the spread of her wings”



Alessandra Mele is a young Norwegian-Italian singer-songwriter who won a local talent show at the age of 12. She recently graduated from high school and moved to Norway to study at the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries. Her debut single, “Queen of Kings,” has gained over 25 million streams. Alessandra won the Norwegian national final Melodi Grand Prix with “Queen of Kings”, which will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. She qualified from the semi-final and won the competition by receiving the highest number of points from both the public and the international jury. Alessandra aims to inspire self-love and encourage all genders and age groups to embrace their inner “queen of kings.”

The second rehearsal

For their second rehearsal, every country is given a time slot of 20 minutes, which is adequate for them to practice their act twice or even three times if it is a simple reset. Recently, Norway’s Alessandra has just completed her rehearsal, and it seems that there were no apparent changes made to her performance from Sunday’s show. She executed the high note perfectly in all three attempts, and the entire act looks as fantastic on camera as it did in the arena. Alessandra maintains the black and gold Viking sass queen persona from the MGP final, wearing a stunning metallic bustier with commanding power shoulders and a black cape.


Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU


She is accompanied by four backup dancers with large glowing sticks, which are set against a background of icy blue lighting. Setting the staging aside, the song itself is a strong declaration of female empowerment, with the drums causing vibrations on the floor of the Liverpool Arena and the whistle note at the end making the roof shake.


Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU


In the afternoon, after the completion of all the rehearsals, a video will be released with short excerpts from the television footage of all the second rehearsals!




You can also take a look, not only at the reaction video of EurovisionFun on “Queen of Kings”:



…but also at the reaction video on the First Semi-Final’s running order:



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Eurovision 2023: Norway’s First Rehearsal!

The time has finally come! The first delegations have arrived in Liverpool and the M&S Bank Arena has opened its doors for them. Today marks one of the most important days of the Eurovision season as the rehearsals of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest officially begin!

First to take the stage of this year’s Eurovision for her first rehearsal is Alessandra from Norway with her song “Queen of Kings”!

Who is Alessandra?

Alessandra Mele was born on September 5 2002 in Pietra Ligure in northwestern Italy to an Italian father and a Norwegian mother. At the age of 12, she won a local talent show in Italy, VB Factor. After graduating high school in 2021, she moved to Porsgrunn in southern Norway to live with her grandparents. She later moved to Lillehammer to study at the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries. After winning MGP 2023, she gets the chance to represent Norway at Eurovision 2023.

The rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officaly release to the public.

Alessandra is keeping the black and gold viking sass queen vibe of the MGP final, wearing a fabulous metallic bustier with serious power shoulders and a black cape. She’s accompanied by four backing dancers with giant glo-sticks, backed by icy blue lighting.

Staging aside, this song is a huge female empowerment battle cry, with the drums vibrating through the floor of the Liverpool Arena and that whistle note at the end lifting the roof off. This is going to be such a fantastic opener for the first Semi-Final.

As it turns out there is no pyro nor any jet streams for Norway.

Below you can watch a small clip from Norway’s first rehearsal from Tik Tok:

@eurovision Her name is she, queen of the stage! 👑🇳🇴 #Eurovision2023 #Eurovision @Alessandra Mele ♬ original sound – Eurovision


Corinne Cumming / EBU

Sarah Louise Bennett / EBU

The second rehearsal of Norway will take place on Wednesday May 3 so we will get a better idea of what we will see from Alessandra on stage.


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Norway: Melodi Grand Prix 2024 Songwriting Camp begins in Oslo!

The songwriting camp for the Melodi Grand Prix 2024 has started in the capital of Norway.

The head of the Norwegian delegation, Stig Karlsen, shared in his Instagram story that the songwriting camp for next year’s Melodi Grand Prix has started. The camp is taking place in Oslo’s Røverstaden and through it some of next year’s entries may be created.

No description available.

An interesting view was expressed by Stig Karlsen, who revealed that this year Norway has the best chance of winning the competition since 2009. Norway is currently the fourth favourite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. It is the best position that has been found by bookmakers since Eurovision 2018 in Lisbon.

Alessandra Mele and “Queen of Kings” are enjoying great success. The song has become a viral hit in many countries having accumulated almost 29 million streams on Spotify and 133 million video views on TikTok since its release in early January.

As a reminder, Norway at Eurovision 2023 will appear in the first semi-final on 9 May with a performance order of 01. Therefore, Norway will be the country to open the competition part of this year’s contest.

Below you can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction video to Norway’s entry.


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Norway: Watch the official music video of “Queen of Kings”!

Norway chose their representative for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, via the National Final of Melodi Grand Prix 2023. The winner of the National Final was Alessandra with the song Queen of Kings, and she will represent the country in May in Liverpool.

Earlier today, through Alessandra’s official YouTube channel, the music video of the track was released.

Down bellow you can find the Video Clip of “Queen Of Kings” for Eurovision 2023: 

Norway will compete in the first position of the First Semi Final in 9th of May. As a result, the country will open the competition part for this year’s Eurovision.

You can now watch the team’s reaction of EurovisionFun to Norway’s participation down bellow:

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Norway: changes in Alessandra’s performance!

TV producer and head of the Norwegian delegation for Eurovision, Stig Karlsen talked about Alessandra’s preparation before she takes the stage in Liverpool.  According to Karlsen, there will be several changes in Alessandra’s performance compared to what we already saw at MGP.  The changes will involve the choreography and the lights but we cannot discard changes in the song itself.

New Dancers

As it has happened in previous years, there will be new dancers for the Eurovision performance of Alessandra.  Eurovision rules sometimes differ from MGP.  For instance, at Eurovision most vocals should be sing live.  Therefore, broadcaster NRK is currently auditioning to find suitable dancers who are good at singing and dancing at the same time.


Stig Karlsen also confirmed there will be changes in the lighting for Alessandra’s Eurovision performance.  The show will be more dynamic and the large LED wall will be used.  During the Eurovision version of “Queen of Kings” the performance will start in the dark but it will get lighter through the song to emphasize the message.  The producer said however they are not planning to make the number too flashy because it is the artist who should shine.

Changes in the song?

It is still not clear if we will get the same version of “Queen Of Kings” for Liverpool.  The current song lasts 2 minutes and 45 seconds.  Therefore, extending the song is still not discarded.  Alessandra has shared on her Instagram stories that she has been in the music studio where she even sung her Eurovision song in Italian hinting that an Italian version of her song may be on the way.

Alessandra’s Journey to Liverpool

Alessandra will take part at the Eurovision pre-parties leading up to the final.  She also has several press events and interviews in her schedule before May.  This includes material her team has delivered to the Ukrainian TV about Alessandra.

Alessandra is currently one of the fans favourites according to the polls and her team is feeling confident they have a good chance of getting the Eurovision trophy.  According to the Norwegian team they want to win Eurovision 2023:

We are traveling to Liverpool to win. Even though these are financially tight times, we are really going to organize an international final in Norway.

Source: Escnorge

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Norway: Eurovisionfun Reacts to Eurovision 2023 Entry “Queen Of Kings” (video)

After the three semi-final rounds, the 2023 edition of the Melodi Grand Prix came to its end with the Grand Final which once again determined the representative of Norway in Liverpool this May. Alessandra and the song “Queen of Kings” won the show and she will be the next act representing the country in Εurovision.

The Eurovisionfun team couldn’t help but comment on the Norwegian entry for the upcoming Eurovision contest! Enjoy Matamis Apostolis, Bogiannos Apostolos and Stella Gialetzi in a delightful video, with detailed commentary on Norway’s next participation, for 2023!

Some days ago, Alessandra gave us an exclusive interview on our Youtube channel:

Below you can enjoy the Performance of Alessandra in the final of MGP 2023:

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