Eurovision 2023: Sheffield, Bristol submitted their bid to host, Nottingham is still thinking about it!

Two more cities are now added to the list of those who are confirmed to have submitted a bid to host Eurovision 2023. Sheffield and Bristol are ready to submit tehir own bid while the city of Bristol still considers this possibility.


A statement released by the city council confirms that Sheffield’s bid for Eurovision 2023 is the Utilita Sheffield Arena to serve as the venue of the contest. The Utilita Sheffield Arena (known as Sheffield Arena), has a capacity of 13.600 spectators and has been used for concerts and sporting events since its opening in 1991.

Sheffield stands in solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, including those with whom we have long been associated in our sister city of Donetsk.

As the first designated city of refuge in the UK, we strive to offer our city not only as a place of refuge, but as a place to celebrate the unity and solidarity that Eurovision symbolizes.

Sheffield stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, we are submitting ourselves to host Eurovision 2023 to make its people proud.


During Bristol’s pride in mid July, the town’s mayor, Marvin Rees, has announced their intention to claim the hosting of Eurovision 2023. Now that it has been made official that the competition will be held next May in the United Kingdom, Marvin Rees has reiterated his statement to the media, saying that Bristol are preparing their bid.

The city plans to use the YTL Arena, which is still under construction, for the event. The arena is designed to be able to seat 17,000 spectators using the large space that was once used to build the largest aircraft ever built in the United Kingdom.


Nottingham City Council has announced that it will consider submitting a formal bid to host Eurovision in 2023 after first looking at the official nomination criteria that the BBC has set.

A spokesman for Nottingham City Council said:

“Nottingham has excellent credentials to host a prestigious and internationally popular show like the Eurovision Song Contest. We look forward to the publication of the detailed criteria and bidding process to then consider whether we will be able to submit a formal application to be the host city.”

Katrina supports Manchester

While the British cities submit their bid to host Eurovision 2023 one after another, Katrina Leskanich, the last winner of the British winner of Eurovision back in 1997, says that she supports Manchester hosting the contest.

Speaking shortly after the EBU’s announcement of the UK taking over the next event she said:

“There are only a few cities that claim hosting and I think that Manchester is one of them. It would be on top of my list because it meets all the criteria.”

City councilor Bev Craig confirmed that Manchester will submit its proposal for Eurovision 2023, pledging at the same time that it will be “A Eurovision to remember”!

The following cities are confirmed to have started preparations for their proposals:

  • Aberdeen
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Bristol
  • Sheffield

While the following cities have already declared their intention to bid:

  • Belfast
  • Birmingham
  • Brighton
  • Cardiff
  • Leeds
  • London
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Sunderland
  • Wolverhampton

The Contest of 2023 will be the first contest since 1079 in which the winning country is not able to host the next year. Its the sixth time in total that the winning country doesn’t host the contest the following year. Eurovision 2023 also extends United Kingdom’s record of hosting, having hosted Eurovision a total of nine times.

Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with the song “Stefania”. It was Ukraine’s third win in the Contest.

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United Kingdom: Newcastle and Bristol want to host Eurovision 2023!

Two more major UK cities are in the running to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest next May. Newcastle and Bristol have officially announced their intention to be the host cities for Eurovision 2023, which will apparently be held on British soil.


The latest city to enter Eurovision 2023 contention is Newcastle as of yesterday. The city council of the largest city in northern England confirmed yesterday – during its meeting – that it is intensively preparing its bid to host the next competition.

As Chronicle Live reports, the city of Newcastle is working with investment firm Invest Newcastle, the BBC and a previous host city to complete the difficult task of submitting a comprehensive proposal to host the event of Eurovision 2023. In his statements, the member of the City Council, Alex Hay, said:

Obviously it would be wonderful to host Eurovision and we believe that Newcastle would be a perfect host city. We are looking forward to hearing more about the bidding process and are already working with partners to explore the opportunity.

Should Newcastle be given the green light to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, the venue will be the 11,000-capacity Utilita Arena. The Utilita Arena has hosted several major sporting events and concerts from time to time, with artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Rihanna, Robbie Williams and Lady Gaga appearing on the arena’s stage.


Another city interested in hosting Eurovision 2023 is Bristol. As the mayor, Marvin Ress, announced during Bristol Pride, the city in the south of England is strongly interested in hosting the next contest.

The venue for Eurovision 2023, should the city of Bristol be chosen, will be the under-construction YTL Arena. Most of the indoor stadium is already ready and despite the fact that it is not expected to be completed until 2024, it is very likely that it will be given the “green light” to open its gates from the beginning of 2023. The YTL Arena will be able to to host up to 17,000 spectators.

Possible host cities

So far, after the official expression of interest from Newcastle and Bristol, the cities wishing to host the 67th Eurovision Song Contest stand at 15. These cities are:

  1. Aberdeen
  2. Belfast
  3. Birmingham
  4. Brighton
  5. Bristol
  6. Cardiff
  7. Glasgow
  8. Leeds
  9. Liverpool
  10. London
  11. Manchester
  12. Newcastle
  13. Sheffield
  14. Sunderland
  15. Wolverhampton

However, it has not yet been clarified whether the usual process will take place with the submission of nominations by the various cities, or whether the BBC and EBU given the special occasion, will directly announce the city that will host Eurovision 2023!

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Source: Chronicle Live