Sietse Bakker: Cyprus did not ask to be first in the running order of the Grand Final!

In their most recent video William Lee Adams from Wiwibloggs stated that the Cyprus delegation asked the organizers to let Elena Tsagrinou open the night of the Grand Final with her song El Diablo.  However, the producer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 and one of the members of the Reference Group Mr. Sietse Bakker has denied these rumors.

When asked on Twitter about the alleged request by Cyprus, Sietse Bakker reminded the public that it is up to the public broadcaster who hosts Eurovision to make the running order.  Furthermore, the running order requires the subsequent approval of the EBU.  Thus the participating broadcasters do not suggest which place they would like to be sorted out.  In addition Seitse Bakker mentions that he attended the sorting process of the running order for the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.  According to him, the opinion of the delegations did not play a role in this process.

After this public denial it seems that the information Wiwibloggs had was inaccurate.  Nonetheless, William seemed absolutely sure that Cyprus had in fact made this request.  This may be because many Cypriot fans have echoed the alleged petition by the Cyprus delegation to perform in first place for months.  It is possible that the fans have get these fake news from the same source.

You can watch William mentioning this rumour in the embedded video, at 44.30:

Cyprus: El Diablo will be released in 24th of February!

Recently, the representative of Cyprus in Eurovision 2021, Elena Tsagrinou, revealed the date of publication of El Diablo, the participation of the island of Aphrodite in the upcoming Eurovision.

The revelation was made by her through her personal Instagram account, stating:

In a month from now you will have in your “hands” the music video clip of “El Diablo” we started full on rehearsals for the clip and I live for it is really, the most creative, demanding and at the same time strong moment, I can’t wait to share it with your.

El Diablo is signed by Thomas Stengaard, Laurel Parker, Jimmy Joker and Oxa.

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Cyprus: “El Diablo” will be revealed in March!

Elena Tsagrinou appeared on the ALPHA show, Happy Day, to talk about her participation with Cyprus in Eurovision 2021. Among what she said, she revealed that El Diablo will be made public in March!

Once again, Elena Tsagrinou appeared excited about her participation in Eurovision with the colors of Cyprus.

The song is super pop! Super dancing and uplifting and will give me the opportunity to move accordingly!

The important revelation she made was when we will listen to the song:

In March you will hear El Diablo!

Elena Tsagrinou explained how her choice was made. That it was essentially a decision of RIK and PANIK Records, saying that it is a very close-knit team that communicates daily, preparing from now on everything necessary for the best possible result.

The interview closed with the hostess of the show, expressing her optimism for the final result, based on what people who heard the song have told her.

Cyprus: With Elena Tsagrinou and “El Diablo” at Eurovision 2021 – CYBC’s announcement!

The Cyprus Radio Broadcaster (CYBC) made an official announcement today, for the country’s representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, who is none other than Elena Tsagrinou!

Pleased and excited to announce our 2021 Entry:

Elena Tsagrinou

Elena Tsagrinou is one of the most talented and…

Δημοσιεύτηκε από CYBC: Eurovision Cyprus στις Τρίτη, 24 Νοεμβρίου 2020


The Cypriot team for Rotterdam

As it became known a while ago on the morning show of RIK1, Elena Tsagrinou will compete in Eurovision 2021 with the song El Diablo! The 26-year-old Greek Elena Tsagrinou was selected after an internal selection. El Diablo is signed by Thomas Stengaard, Laurel Parker, Jimmy Joker and Oxa, all very important composers with hits inside and outside Eurovision.

Already yesterday, according to our secure information and as you first read through Eurovision Fun, there were advanced discussions with an artist belonging in PANIK Records, in order to represent Cyprus in May in Rotterdam.

In the summer, in an interview with the Cypriot magazine Hello, she stated that she is ready and of course interested in participating in Eurovision, either with Greece or Cyprus. In addition, in 2019 she was among the artists that were rumored for representing Greece!

Who is Elena Tsagrinou?

Elena was born on November 16, 1994 in Athens. From a young age she was involved in music and attended a Music High School. In 2009, she participated in the ANT1 talent show “Greece got talent”. In the summer of 2013, she was auditioned by the band OtherView (after the departure of Krystallia) for the position of singer. In the same year, Elena participated in the MEGA music show, “Just The 2 Of Us” as coach of Ivan Svitailo.

In the 2016-2017 season, she was a backstage presenter on SKAI’s talent show, The Voice of Greece. From 2018 follows a solo career. She has released several successful singles, while she has many collaborations with the hottest Greek names such as Konstantinos Argyros, Demy, Panos Kiamos, Anastasios Rammos, Melisses, Tamta. She is a fresh face of the music industry and is one of the youngest rising singers of the pop scene and without a doubt she can stand worthy on the stage of Eurovision, since apart from a very good voice she also has an impressive presence.

“El Diablo”‘s composers

CYBC has also come up with the song, managing to have as creators of this year’s entry, a very strong team of composers. Once again, the Cypriot team that deals with the contest, proves its dedication and love to the Eurovision project, hoping that in Eurovision 2021, the entry of Cyprus will cause a sensation and will leave the best impressions!

El Diablo is signed by Thomas Stengaard, Laurell Barker, Jimmy Joker and Oxa. Thomas Stengaard was one of the creators of Only Teardrops, Denmark’s winning song at Eurovision 2013. Laurell Barker was behind five Eurovision entries. Switzerland in 2018, the United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland in 2019 and Poland in 2020. He has also participated several times in the Melodifestivalen, but also in other national finals. Jimmy Joker has collaborated with literally all the big names in the world music scene (Lady Gaga, One Direction, Marc Anthony etc). He has even won a Grammy Award for his collaboration on Pitbull album Dale.

We remind you that CYBC has already announced as artistic director of its entry in the next contest, the Austrian, Marvin Dietmann, who was responsible for the stage presentation of both the winning entry of Austria in Eurovision 2014 with Conchita Wurst, but also the winning song in the juries voting of Austria in Eurovision 2018 with Cesár Sampson.

We can only wish “Good Luck” to the Cypriot team and Elena Tsagrinou for the best result in Rotterdam!

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