Ivi Adamou expresses interest in returning to Eurovision!

In a recent interview with, Ivi Adamou, the Cypriot Eurovision 2012 representative, has expressed her interest to once again take part in the contest!

When asked about whether she would be interested in representing either Greece or Cyprus again in the future, her response was the following:

I would, yes, it was a wonderful experience. They have proposed it to me multiple times. I believe I’ll feel it when the moment is right. I want a really good song and a really strong team. Let’s see, I hope so!

As she stated herself, she had already received multiple proposals from cypriot broadcaster RIK in the past couple of years, however she had to refuse in order to take care of her newborn, then, daughter. This year, however, among general pressure from the public for an actual cypriot artist to represent Cyprus in Eurovision 2022, the cypriot singer decided to finally show her interest.

Ivi is currently on a summer tour with her partner Michalis Kouinelis, member of the hip hop group Stavento. You can listen to their latest single below:

Spain 2021: Benidorm Song Festival returns as national final

Spanish broadcaster RTVE announced the revival of the Benidorm Song Festival.  The historical music festival took place in the city of Benidorm from 1959 until its last edition in 2006.  Moreover, the new Benidorm Song Festival will be the Spanish national selection for Eurovision.

The revamped contest will take place in February, 2022.  Three main shows will make the festival: two semi-finals and a grand final.  RTVE will broadcast the show via La 1 and RTVE Play.  More details will be available soon.  However, we already know that a split jury/public vote will decide who will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

RTVE president José Manuel Pérez Tornero; the president of the Valencian Government, Ximo Puig; and the mayor of Benidorm, Toni Pérez announced the news in front of the beach.  In addition to this, Ruth Lorenzo performed for the audience her 2014 entry Dancing In The Rain and Waterloo.

We want Benidorm to be a meeting point for what we need most now: music, Europe and diversity. With the ‘Benidorm Festival’ we intend to achieve an emotional and tourist reactivation of the Valencian Community.’

The Benidorm International Song Festival took place from 1959 to 2006.  The contest was modeled after the Italian Sanremo Music Festival.  The winner of the Benidorm Festival received the Golden Mermaid Trophy.  RTVE used to broadcast the event.  Further, RVTE President José Manuel Pérez Tornero said that the Spanish broadcaster would take their participation “very seriously”.

Spain’s last results on Eurovision have been far from satisfactory, being outside of the top 20 since 2015.  In addition to this, their best achievements in recent times have been two top 10s in 2014 and 2012.  Spain came in the top 5 for the last time in 1995 with Anabel Conde who ended in second place.

Hopefully their new national selection process will help Spain make a turning point on Eurovision.



17 cities competing to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022

The race to host the Eurovision Song Contest has officially started.  17 cities submitted their candidacies to host the song festival in 2022.  The candidate cities submitted the official documentation to get the honor of hosting next year’s competition.  For next year we will have a large number of potential candidates representing the various regions of Italy.

Candidate host cities

The following cities aspire to welcome the Eurovision Song Contest next year:

  • Acireale (Catania)
  • Alessandria
  • Bertinoro di Romagna (Forlì – Cesena)
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Genoa
  • Jesolo (Venice)
  • Matera
  • Milan
  • Palazzolo Acreide (Syracuse)
  • Pesaro
  • Rimini
  • Rome
  • Sanremo (Imperia)
  • Turin
  • Trieste
  • Viterbo

What comes next?

On July 14, 2021 the cities will receive the BID Book from broadcaster RAI and the EBU.  The candidates must submit their bid books and proposals up after August 4th, 2021.  After deliberation RAI and the EBU will decide which city will host next Eurovision Song Contest.  We will know the name of the next host city by late August.


Are you excited about the bidding process?  Which city should host the Eurovision Song Contest 2022?

Source: RAI

Picture This: We would love to write the Eurovision winning song for Ireland

Jimmy Rainsford and Ryan Hennessy from the Irish pop rock band Picture This have told they would love to write the next song for Ireland on Eurovision.  The two band members are also huge fans of the show.  For instance, Jimmy Rainsford has been a member of the Irish jury.


“Yes, absolutely (we would consider writing a song). We actually love Eurovision.” Ryan Hennessy.


Talking about Måneskin, the 2021 Eurovision winner the band members have also positive comments.  According to Jimmy Rainsford, he was “blown away” by Måneskin’s performance in Italian.  The duo also considered the possibility of sending a song in Irish.  Ireland has only submitted one song in Irish for Eurovision: Ceol an Ghrá by Sandie Jones in 1972.  However, the band members are not sure if a song in Irish would get a good result since there are not many people who speak the language.

Nevertheless, Jimmy Rainsford loved that the top 3 this year sung in their national languages.  Further he said, Gjon’s Tears song was incredible and his performance was amazing.

Who are ‘Picture This’

Picture This are an Irish pop, rock band formed in 2015.  Their first two studio albums and EP reached number 1 in their home-country.  Their latest studio album “Life In Colour” was released in June 25, 2021.

Would you like to see “Picture This” composing the Irish song for Eurovision 2022?  Would you like to see Ireland sending a song in Irish?

Source: Iris Mirror

Armenia: “Great news soon”, said the head of the delegation!

Armenian head of delegation, David Tserunyan, noted a possible return of the country to the next Eurovision Song Contest and most probably Junior Eurovision too, in 2022, after their withdrawal this year.

David Tserunyan, who is also an elected member of the Reference Group, took part in the group’s first meeting with RAI lately. The Italian broadcaster, has already started setting up the forecoming contest of 2022.

Publishing the photo from the conference of the Reference Group, Tserunyan expressed his gratitude for his reelection and concluded that soon we will have some wonderful news, sparking hopes for the return of Armenia to the contest.

Armenian prime minister got a vote of confidence, not more than two days ago, which is a first step towards the recovery of the country, after their conflicts with Azerbaijan with regards to Artsakh.

We really hope that Armenia makes a return in 2022, along with other numerous withdrawn countries!

Stay tuned to Eurovisionfun for all the developments related to our favorite contest!

France: Submissions are open for National Final 2022!

France has raised the bar after achieving their first top 5 result since 2002 with the amazing Barbara Pravi and her song “Voila”. Therefore, the French national TV has announced that they will keep the same concept hoping for a win this time in 2022.

Consequently, from today until the 24th of October, all French citizens are alloud to send their own proposal to a submission window that has been made. There is a set rule though: Every song needs to be in French language or other dialects that has been recognized in the country.

The participant of Eurovision 2022 is going to be selected via a TV show, just like in 2021, with both public and jury voting. You can see more details about the rules, here.

Watch the stand in rehearsal of Voila:

Should we book a flight already for France 2023?

Malta: National Final to be held for Eurovision 2022!

Despite the fact that X Factor Malta is coming back for another third season in PBS, the public broadcaster of the country, it has been announced that the winner of this year’s edition won’t be the artist for Eurovision 2022. The Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency confirmed the news that Malta will change its approach for the 2022 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, by saying:

It is fitting to commend the wise decision of the new management of PBS, that with immediate effect, the representative of Malta in the next edition of Eurovision will be selected through a specially staged festival, and not simply select the winner of X Factor Malta.

I am convinced that this news will be received with great satisfaction by all Maltese singers, authors and composers.

Jasof Micalled, Chairman of the Valletta Cultural Agency

By that means, this will be the first year since 2018 that Malta will hold a national final to choose their Eurovision 2022 entry. Their last National Final winner was Christabelle with the song “Taboo” ended up 13th in the second semi final that year.

This year Destiny, the winner of X Factor, represented the country with the song “Je Me Casse” ended up in 7th place in the Grand Final.

Is this the right desicion for the country to achieve even better results? Time will tell.

Source: escbubble