Spain: the results of Benidorm Fest 2023 second semi-final!

The Benidorm Fest‘s second semi-final has just come to end.

A total of nine candidates competed in this semi-final, trying to get one of the four tickets for the Saturday’s Grand Final.

The show was hosted by Inés Hernández, Mónica Naranjo and Rodrigo Vázquez.

The candidates

Tonight’s nine candidates performed as following:

  1. Famous – “La Lola”
  2. José Otero – “Inviernos en Marte”
  3. Karmento – “Quiero y duelo”
  4. Rakky Ripper – “Tracción”
  5. Blanca Paloma – “EaEa”
  6. E’femme – “Uff!”
  7. Siderland – “Que esclati tot”
  8. Alfred García – “Desde que tú estás”
  9. Vicco – “Nochentera”

The voting

50% of the result in all three shows (two semi-finals and a final) comes from the jury, while the other 50% comes from the audience. The jury is divided into Spanish and international, while 50% of the audience is divided between the televoting and a sample of the Spanish population selected on the basis of statistical and demographic data (the demographic jury). This is a criterion used in both the Sanremo Festival (Italy) and the Melodifestivalen (Sweden).

The Benidorm Fest jury, which determines 50% of the voting, consists of:

  • Nina (Spanish singer, representative of Spain in 1989)
  • Christer Bjorkman (Swedish singer and producer, former manager of Melodifestivalen)
  • Tali Eshkoli (Israeli television producer and Israel’s Head od Delegation)
  • Nicola Caligiore (Italian, former Italy’s Head od Delegation)
  • Katrina Leskanich (American singer, representative of the United Kingdom in 1997)
  • William Lee Adams (Founder of the wiwibloggs website)
  • Irene Valiente (Spanish presenter and producer)
  • Juan Jose Santana (Spanish, president of OGAE Spain and composer of previous Spanish entries)

The results

Thus, the results of the first semi-final of Benidorm 2022 were as follows:

Juries (50%)

  1. Blanca Paloma (92 votes)
  2. Vicco (67 votes)
  3. José Otero (63 votes)
  4. Alfred García (52 votes)
  5. Siderland (48 votes)
  6. Karmento (47 votes)
  7. Famous (46 votes)
  8. Rakky Ripper (24 votes)
  9. E’femme (17 votes)

Demographic jury (25%)

  1. Vicco (40 votes)
  2. Blanca Paloma (35 votes)
  3. Karmento (30 votes)
  4. Famous (28 votes)
  5. E’femme (25 votes)
  6. José Otero (22 votes)
  7. Alfred García (20 votes)
  8. Siderland (15 votes)
  9. Rakky Ripper (13 votes)

Televoting (25%)

  1. Blanca Paloma (40 votes)
  2. Karmento (35 votes)
  3. Alfred García (30 votes)
  4. Vicco (28 votes)
  5. Siderland (25 votes)
  6. E’femme (22 votes)
  7. José Otero (20 votes)
  8. Rakky Ripper (15 votes)
  9. Famous (13 votes)

Overall ranking

  1. Blanca Paloma (167 votes)
  2. Vicco (135 votes)
  3. Karmento (112 votes)
  4. José Otero (105 votes)
  5. Alfred García (102 votes)
  6. Siderland (88 votes)
  7. Famous (87 votes)
  8. E’femme (64 votes)
  9. Rakky Ripper (52 votes)

The finalists of the second semi-final in Benidorm are therefore:

  1. Blanca Paloma 
  2. Vicco
  3. Karmento 
  4. José Otero 

You can watch the performance of the winner of the second semi-final, Blanca Paloma, below:

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