Eurovision 2023: Ukraine’s second rehearsal!

Time for last year’s winning country Ukraine to take the stage. TVORCHI are ready to have their second rehearsal at the M&S Bank Arena stage!

Who are TVORCHI?

Formed in 2018 by the producer Andrii Hutsuliak and the vocalist Jimoh Ausustus Kehinde,TVORCHI is a electonic music male duo from Ukraine. They met while studying at at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Ternopil National Medical University and have managed to become a well-known name in the music industry of Ukraine. After many attempts, TVORCHI won Vidbir 2023 and therefore represent the country in this years contest which is held in Liverpool, on behalf of Ukraine.

The rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officially release to the public through and the official social media accounts of the contest.

Chloe Hashemi / EBU

The song is an R&B powerful track that speaks for those who are unbreakable no matter what they face in life. Four led boxes are on the stage while Andrii and Jimoh are accompanied by two dancers. The song has had a revamp, with strings being added at the last part of the song. During this section, flames are added in the stage performance. Only change after the first rehearsal is regarding outfit, with Andrii wearing a a black trouser suit with silver detailing on the top half, instead of the giant metallic coat he wore in the first. Overall it is a very dynamic and polished performance.

Sarah Louisse Bennett / EBU

Tonight, after the completion of all the second rehearsals of the Big 6, a recap video will be released with 30-second snippets of the performances, giving us a glimpse of how the acts will look on stage.

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Eurovision 2023: Ukraine’s First Rehearsal!

Today is the fifth day of rehearsals in Liverpool and the first rehearsals of the BIG 5 countries are going to be held today! Next up on stage for their first rehearsal is Ukraine and TVORCHI with the R&B song “Heart Of Steel”.

Who are TVORCHI?

TVORCHI is a electonic music male duo from Ukraine. They formed in 2018 by the producer Andrii Hutsuliak and the vocalist Jimoh Ausustus Kehinde. The duo met when they were students at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Ternopil National Medical University. The duo is known in the Ukrainian society since they have gained many views from their debut. TVORCHI tried to represent Ukraine in the contest many times. In December, they entered the Ukrainian National Selection Vidbir 2023 and won coming second in the jury vote and first in the public.

The Rehearsal

Unfortunately this year, accredited journalists don’t get the chance to watch the first and second rehearsals, so we only get the information and content that the organizers officaly release to the public.

The song speaks about bravery and how someone with his personality can be unbreakable. With that info, the duo is using the LED wall and the lightning to give a powerful effect, including four boxes with LED backdrops too on stage. They are accompanied by two black-chad dancers. The new revamp with the orchestral – soaring strings, church organ-style keyboard effects, thumping bass with the vocals of the singer gives extra drama to the performance comes everything together in a perfect combination.

Sarah Louise Bennet / EBU

Sarah Louise Bennet / EBU

Andrii wears a silver overcoat with a black turtleneck inside it and Jimoh wears a glided black shirt that looks like it forms a sun. It’s confirmed that there will be flame jets during the string section at the end.

Corinne Cumming / EBU

Below you can watch a small clip from the Ukrainian first rehearsal on TikTok, once it’s published on TikTok:

The second rehearsal for Ukraine will be held on the 6th of May, when we will know how things will appear on screen for the Ukrainian entry.

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Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou performs Mama ŠČ! & Heart of Steel!

The representative of Cyprus in this year’s Eurovision, Andrew Lambrou , continues to upload covers on his social media accounts. This time he made two posts on Instagram stories.

After Blood And Glitter by Blood Of The Lost, he uploaded two short videos on Instagram, where he performs Mama ŠČ! of Let 3  and Heart of Steel by TVORCHI .

You can listen the performances of Mama ŠČ!  and  Heart of Steel  by Andrew Lambrou below:

Andrew Lambrou competes in 6th position of the Second Semi-Final, with the song  Break a Broken Heart, hoping to be in the grand final.

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Ukraine: Listen to the revamped version of “Heart of Steel”!

Ukraine’s representative at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, TVORCHI have released a revamped version of their entry “Heart of Steel”.

The first country to choose a song for Eurovision 2023 was Ukraine. Since December 17, through their national final “Vidbir“, Ukrainians have chosen TVORCHI and “Heart Of Steel” to represent them in the Eurovision contest.  TVORCHI want to show us that they have been working all this time because Ukraine’s goal is to win again. So they prepared a revamp for “Heart Of Steel”, and they present it to us tonight.

There are no huge differences in the song, except the addition of some Ukrainian lyrics and a dynamic orchestration, that has been added which tops the song. It certainly looks like they worked hard to present the best version of the song in Liverpool and claim the victory for Ukraine.

Listen to the Eurovision Version of “Heart of Steel”:

TVORCHI will compete in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023 on May 13. Despite not being able to host the contest, Ukraine automatically qualifies for the final as the reigning champions.

Did you like the revamped version of the Ukrainian entry for Eurovision 2023?

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Ukraine: Country’s head of delegation states that they’re aiming to win Eurovision 2023!

Last Saturday, the Ukrainian national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 took place, in which TVORCHI were crowned the winners with their song “Heart of Steel”.

After the completion of the national final, the head of the country’s delegation to the contest, Oksana Skybinska, spoke about TVORCHI’s victory, but also about Eurovision 2023.

Specifically, she stated that everyone worked hard for the realization of Vidbir 2023, under harsh war conditions, and that she is completely satisfied with the final result.

In addition, she stated that she’s happy about the fact that Ukraine will be represented by a song of western sound, different to the country’s ethnic recipe of the last years.

“The important thing is that the song is original, of high quality and reflects the current state of the Ukrainian music scene.”

According to the head of the Ukrainian delegation, the next stage will be the signing of the contract with the winners, while preparations for the group’s appearance on the stage of Eurovision 2023 are due to begin soon.

Finally, she commented on the fact that Ukraine is, for the second year in a row, in the first place of betting odds, saying:

“Of course, going into the competition, we want to win. We’re fighting for the first place, because there is always a new artist who passes new messages, showcases their work, their hopes on the song. Therefore, it cannot be said that because Ukraine won last year, we can’t do it again.

However, this is a competition and it is still too early to talk about betting odds. Of course, the goal is the highest result.

Eurovision 2023 will be very special and unique. There has never been such a contest, a country running the contest on behalf of another. Therefore, we are actively working on the presence and visibility of Ukraine in various aspects of the competition.”

Below you can watch the Eurovisionfun team commenting on the participation of TVORCHI with the song “Heart of Steel”.

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Ukraine: With TVORCHI and “Heart of Steel” in Eurovision 2023!

The winning country of Eurovision 2022 Ukraine becomes the first country to have officially chosen a representative for Eurovision 2023, as the results of Vidbir 2023 have just come in.

The show took place from 16:00 to 20:00 CET and was hosted by Timur Miroshnychenko, Kateryna Pavlenko and Zlata Ognevich.

The participants

Ten artists competed in the final of Vidbir 2023, attempting to win the ticket to Liverpool.

The 10 participants who claimed the representation of Ukraine in Eurovision 2023 were the following:

  1. Moisei – «I’m Not Alone» 
  2. OY Sound System – «Ой, тужу»
  3. DEMCHUK – «Alive» 
  4. Jerry Heil – «WHEN GOD SHUT THE DOOR»
  5. FIINKA – «Довбуш»
  6. KRUTЬ – «Колискова»
  7. Tember Blanche – «Я вдома»
  8. Angelina – «Stronger» 
  9. 2TONE – «Квітка»
  10. TVORCHI – «Heart Of Steel»

The results

The final result was determined 50% by the preference of the ukrainian viewers and 50% by the preference of the jury, consisting of Taras TopolaJamala and Yulia Sanina.

The jury voted as follows:

After the televote was added in, the final results were formed as follows:

TVORCHI were, therefore, crowned the winners and will be representing Ukraine in Eurovision 2023 with the song “Heart of Steel”.

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