Eurovision 2020: Sietse Bakker: “Eurovision final may last less”

An interesting interview was given by Eurovision 2020’s executive producer, Sietse Bakker. Speaking at, he revealed several aspects of the Dutch organizers’ preparation, but also expressed his conviction that unlike his two semifinal contests, the big final lasts long, given that it is always a television program. At the end of the interview, Sietse Bakker said that while he had never been interested in the position of executive supervisor of the contest, he did not rule out the possibility of seeing him succeed Jon Ola Sand.

It was a complete cycle
Prior to taking over as executive producer of Eurovision 2020, Sietse, with his own website designing company, had worked with the EBU on numerous occasions and even served as Supervisor Event. In 2016 he decided to stop. “The first Eurovision Song Contest I attended was in Stockholm, so when it was in Stockholm again in 2016, it was a complete one for me. It was time to quit the competition and get more involved in my own business”.

It all started for one girl 
“It all started when I tried to impress a girl from another class who was a big fan of the competition,” Sietse said when asked where his interest in the competition came from. “I wanted to impress her by making a website mentioning the contest, ESCToday. After attending the Eurovision Song Contest in Riga for the first time in 2003, I was addicted and in the meantime our site had become very big. He didn’t work with the girl, but it was the beginning of my career. “

Proud Dutchman
The Netherlands had a hard time competing, so when asked how Sietse lived up to Duncan’s victory, he said: “AVROTROS has built this beautifully from 2013 onwards, from Anouk to Duncan now winning. Of course this makes us proud, but it’s also a weird feeling. I’m part of the team that has ultimate responsibility is a complete honor, but it’s a very difficult job”.

The final may last less
The most important news that comes out of the interview is Sietse Bakker’s phrase about the duration of the final: “The semifinals are relatively short, but it is true that the final takes a long time and can be less long”.

Does this mean that we will see a shorter broadcast of the Eurovision final, coming to Rotterdam in May? It is worth noting here that the duration of its final competition in recent years is approximately three and a half hours.

Happy with the hosts
“We didn’t find the presenters overnight. We’ve been working since July on who could present it. Everything came to mind: from presenters to singers, actors and dancers. After several meetings, this combination is the best result and we are very proud of this trio “.

More news about hotels coming soon
Sietse Bakker had, of course, to respond to the high hotel prices during the competition. High hotel prices are a problem for many Eurovision fans who would like to watch the event up close. “We have booked 3,000 rooms in the bidding phase, for which we will soon publish more news. Keep in mind that the Netherlands is a relatively small country and you should also look outside Rotterdam for accommodation”.

Successor to Jon Ola Sand?
Will he seek to replace Jon Ola Sand in the future? “I have never pursued this job and now I focus exclusively on the role I have. And for the story, I haven’t been called by the EBU yet”.

You can watch the entire interview below:

Eurovision 2020: EUR 12.4 million for Eurovision 2020 from the dutch government

In today’s announcement, the Minister of Primary and Secondary Education and Media, Arie Slob, said that the Dutch government will give 12.4m euros to hold the Eurovision song contest in Rotterdam in May.

The budget was accepted by the ministry at the request of the Dutch public broadcaster NPO, one of the country’s three public channels, which will contribute to the production of the contest.

“With the contribution above, I hope that the Eurovision song contest will be a great success”

Arie Slob, Minister for Primary and Secondary Education and Media

Both the Grand Final and the two semifinals are estimated to cost around 26.5m euros. The NRO is committed to 2.5 million, AVROTROS will cover 2 million, and the 9.6 million will be covered by both the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), sponsors and sales of tickets.

Conditional cost coverage

In his report, the Minister has set the precondition for the delivery of money, such as the public channel to place particular emphasis on the access of people with mobility difficulties and the participation of students:

“I have placed particular emphasis on access to the Eurovision song contest by people with mobility problems. I suppose the NPO will pay particular attention to this issue. Also, the involvement of students in the whole process is essential. This was expressed as a clear wish by the House during the legislative consultation. I have informed the NPO and I want to make further arrangements on this “

He closed his report, hoping that “the Eurovision song contest will be a great success”.

“With the above contribution, I hope that the Eurovision song contest will be a great success. Its transmission will create national and international links, while helping to promote the Netherlands”

The channel full of satisfaction

In a statement made to RTL Boulevard, NPO President Shula Rijxman welcomed the government’s contribution:

“I am very pleased that the government is ready to contribute financially to this unique, international television event. The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most exciting European traditions waiting for millions of people each year. The two-week Rotterdam event and all three top-quality television productions will positively boost the whole Dutch cultural, creative and innovative industry “

The Eurovision Song Contest will take place on 12, 14 and 16 May 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the developments related to our favorite competition.


Eurovision Gala: Elena Paparizou is out, Sergey Lazarev is in

In co-production of the public channel AVROTROS with PILOTSTUDIO, the Eurovision Gala is being held in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, on December 15 with about 30 guests crossing the Eurovision stage. After the news that Helen Foureira will also be attending this big event, the presence of Russian superstar Sergey Lazarev has also been confirmed! On the other hand, Elena Paparizou, due to her obligations to “The Voice” show while initially announced that they would appear at the Eurovision Gala, eventually the Dutch public will not be able to enjoy hert!

Sergey Lazarev attends the Eurovision Gala

More than 30 artists who have made history on the Eurovision stage will gather on December 15 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for the Eurovision Gala. With this show, AVROTROS is actually launching events for the upcoming 65th Eurovision  Song Contest, to be hosted in the Netherlands after 40 years.

After the news about the presence of Eleni Foureira, the presence of Sergey Lazarev, who managed to win twice the third place, at Eurovision 2015 and 2019, with songs by Dimitris Kontopoulos, is already given.

Eurovision 2020: OG3NE want to join as an interval act in Rotterdam

OG3NE, who represented the Netherlands at Eurovision 2017 and Junior Eurovision 2007, both times winning the 11th place, spoke to the Dutch press, expressing a desire to participate in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest, not as contestants, but as an interval act.

The three sisters remain beloved, both by the Dutch and by foreign audiences, continuing their journey in the country’s music field. They are particularly fond of eurofans and would like to return to the contest stage, singing either alone or with other former Dutch representatives in an interval act.

“We would be very happy if we could show up at Ahoy, as we see that all the fans of the contest say they would have liked it, but we haven’t heard anything from the contest yet”

OG3NE considers it unlikely that the Netherlands will be able to achieve a second consecutive victory, believing that an unknown artist or someone who is now taking his first steps would be easier to accept to represent their country at the May competition. in Rotterdam, since he wouldn’t risk anything.