Junior Eurovision 2022: 16 countries will take part in the contest in Yerevan!

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) alongside the Armenian public broadcaster (AMPTV), announced that 16 countries are going to take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022, which is scheduled to take place in Yerevan, on Sunday, December 11.


The 16 countries that will travel to Yerevan in December are:

  • 🇦🇱 Albania (RTSH)
  • 🇦🇲 Armenia (AMPTV)
  • 🇫🇷 France (France TV)
  • 🇬🇪 Georgia (GPB)
  • 🇮🇪 Ireland (TG4)
  • 🇮🇹 Italy (Rai)
  • 🇰🇿 Kazakhstan (Khabar Agency)
  • 🇲🇹 Malta (PBS)
  • 🇳🇱 Netherlands (AVROTROS)
  • 🇲🇰 North Macedonia (MKRTV)
  • 🇵🇱 Poland (TVP)
  • 🇵🇹 Portugal (RTP)
  • 🇷🇸 Serbia (RTS)
  • 🇪🇸 Spain (TVE)
  • 🇺🇦 Ukraine (UA:PBC)
  • 🇬🇧 United Kingdom (BBC)

The number of countries that will take part in this year’s contest is reduced, compared to last year, since Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Germany and Russia will not return to the contest, while the United Kingdom returns after a 16 years of absence.

What is more, alongside the final list of competitions, the Armenian public broadcaster announced the slogan of this year’s contest which is: “Spin the Magic”.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, is excited about the show’s return:

“We’re delighted to be welcoming talented young artists from 16 countries this year to Yerevan for the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It’s exciting to be returning to the Armenian capital for the first time in over a decade to “Spin The Magic” on this special anniversary – and welcoming back the United Kingdom to the competition, our host country for Eurovision 2023. There’s so much energy, passion and creativity from our colleagues at AMPTV and we can’t wait to see a spectacular show in December.”

Armenia will host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 after Maléna’s win with the song “Qami Qami”:

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Junior Eurovision 2022: Laura Baczkiewicz will represent Poland with “To The Moon”!

Moments ago, Poland selected it’s entry for Junior Eurovision 2022 which will take place in December. Laura Baczkiewicz has just won “Szansa Na Sukces-Eurowizja Junior”, with the song “To The Moon“.

During the final episode of the program, four finalists competed to win the show and represent Poland in the contest, after having won their respective semi-finals. The four finalists were:

  1. Natalia Smás
  2. Laura Baczkiewicz
  3. Alexander Malag
  4. Ida Wargskog

After a vote, two artists made it to the superfinal and they were:

  1. Laura Baczkiewicz – To The Moon
  2. Alekxander Malag – On My Way

The final result, which was a combination of a jury vote and public vote, decided the winner and successor of Sara James who represent Poland in Junior Eurovision 2021. You can listen the Polish Junior Eurovision entry below:

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Junior Eurovision 2022: Listen the Netherlands’ song for the contest!

The second country to choose their representative for Junior Eurovision 2022, is the Netherlands, whose national final, Junior Songfestival 2022, came to an end and the winner was Luna.

The national final took place in the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam, which has hosted Junior Eurovision 2007 and Eurovision 2021 in the past. The hosts were two past representatives of the Netherlands in Junior Eurovision, Matheu and Stefania who aslo represented Greece in Eurovision 2021 bringing the country back to the top ten after years.

The winner was chosen from a combination of 33% public vote, 33% jury vote and 33% children jury vote. Among the juries, were Chantal Janzen, host of Eurovsion 2021 and Ayana, representative of the Netherlands in Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris.

The results are as follows (children jury + jury vote + public vote):

  • Infinity – “Never Ever” 24 points (8+8+8) 4th Place
  • MixedUp – “It Doesn’t Matter” 30 points  (10+10+10) 2nd Place
  • High5 – “Because I Know” 27 points (9+9+9) 3rd Place
  • Luna – “La festa” (The party) 36 points (12+12+12) 1st Place

The combined results were unanimous and the winner of the national final was Luna with the song “La Festa” and thus, she is going to represent the Netherlands in Junior Eurovision 2022, scheduled to take place this December in Armenia! The song is in Dutch, English and some parts in Italian.

Listen to “La Festa” by Luna for Junior Eurovision 2022:

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Junior Eurovision 2022: Listen to Ukraine’s song for the Contest!

Some time ago, the Ukrainian public broadcaster, UA:PBC, confirmed their participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Today, their national final took place in Kyiv, to choose the Ukrainian representative from a list of five songs:

  • Sofia Artemenko and DJ Polinka – “Zamovlyannya” (Order)
  • Zlata Dzyunka – “Nezlamna” (Unbreakable)
  • Elizaveta Petruk – “Pisnya pro Lelechat” (Stork song)
  • Darya Rebrova – “Paporoti kvitka” (Fern flower)
  • Diana Stasiuk – “We are the Future”

After the public and the jury had voted, Zlata Dzyuk and Sofia Artemenko & DJ Polinka were tied in first place. Then a second jury vote took place and in the end the winner was Zlata Dzyuk with the song “Nezlamna” (Unbreakable). Zlata will be the 17th Ukrainian representative in the junior song contest, which is going to take place in Yerevan, in December 12.

Listen to “Nezlamna” (Unbreakable) by Zlata Dzyuk for Junior Eurovision 2022:

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María Eizaguirre: Junior Eurovision, BenidormFest 2023 and Hispavision

RTVe‘s communications director, María Eizaguirre, attended the Spanish TV awards ceremony a few hours earlier where she gave a short interview in which, among other things, she mentioned Spain’s participation in this year’s Junior Eurovision, the preparations for Benidorm Fest 2023 and Hispavision.

BenidormFest 2023

When asked by the journalist about the festival, she answers:

“Artists are still registering their participation. There are people who are very interested, I think there are people who will try their best. I think this year Benidorm Fest is very promising. We are very ambitious.”

In addition, it is also asked whether this year’s entries are more than last year’s

“I don’t have the data in my hands at the moment so I can’t answer for sure, but it’s true that there are a lot of questions and a lot of hype around the festival this year.”

Ισπανία: Όλα τα νεότερα για το Benidorm Fest 2023! - Eurovision News | Music | Fun

Junior Eurovision

Since María Eizaguirre underlines that she cannot reveal anything more about Benidorm Fest, she suggests talking about Eurovision Junior which, as she says, is coming sooner.

“We’ll finish casting very soon and I think there’s material for great things.”

She also answers whether the song that will represent the country in this year’s contest is ready

“No, we are still working on it.”



The journalist does not fail to mention the issue of Hispavision, which has been on RTVe‘s mind for months, and may have run into problems with the announcement of Eurovision Latin America by the EBU. The only answer that Eizaguirre gives to this question is the following

“There will be announcements soon. We are working on it. Almost everything remains fluid, but we are working on it and we will have news to share soon.”

You can watch the full interview below:

Source: FormulaTV

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United Kingdom: Returns to Junior Eurovision Song Contest!

The BBC has confirmed that the United Kingdom will participate in Junior Eurovision for the first time since 2005, and that it will broadcast the 2022 Contest live on CBBC, BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

The 20th Junior Eurovision will take place in Yerevan, Armenia, on Sunday 11 December, following Maléna’s sensational win in Paris last year with her whirlwind of a song Qami Qami.


It will be the first time the BBC has taken part in Junior Eurovision, as previous participations were organised by ITV.

The process to select the act and song is now underway and is being led by CBBC with BBC Studios Entertainment and Music. The act and song representing the United Kingdom will be announced in due course, as will the commentators.

The news follows the announcement in July that the BBC will host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in the United Kingdom on behalf of Ukraine.

Patricia Hidalgo, Director BBC Children’s and Education, says:

‘We are beyond excited to bring the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to the BBC for the first time, and to showcase the diverse young musical talent from across Europe for children and their families to discover and enjoy together. This junior version of Eurovision will undoubtedly encapsulate the same spirit of unity that the adult contest brings, reflecting the heart of what CBBC is all about, an inclusive channel that celebrates the diversity and creativity in all children. I can’t wait to unveil our own musical talent who will proudly represent the UK.’

The United Kingdom took part in the inaugural Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen in 2003, where their representative, Tom Morley, finished in third place with My Song For The World.

Two further participations followed with Cory Spedding (finishing 2nd) and Joni Fuller (14th) before the United Kingdom withdrew.

Wales participated in Junior Eurovision via Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C); the Welsh language broadcaster sent Manw in 2018 and Erin Mai in 2019.

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Source: JuniorEurovision.tv

Germany: The country will take a break from Junior Eurovision 2022!

An unusually long time has passed and the German committee for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Yerevan has been silent. When the organizing committee was last asked in June, it was still unclear whether Germany would participate in Junior Eurovision this year. Now the decision has been made. Officials have decided not to take part in Junior Eurovision this year, so Germany will have to wait another year for its third participation in the Junior Song Contest (first participation in 2020 and then in 2021).

The statement of the broadcasters responsible for Germany’s participation, NDR and KiKA, is as follows:

“For the past two years, NDR and KiKA have participated in Junior Eurovision with great dedication and enthusiasm, despite the many adversities related to the coronavirus. This year, in consultation with KiKA, we want to take a creative break. This also applies to the fact that the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued some travel warnings for Armenia. Next year we want to take part in Junior Eurovision again. As usual, Junior Eurovision will be broadcast live from Yerevan on KiKA for all fans.”

After two Junior Eurovision entries with Susan (JESC 2020) and Pauline (JESC 2021), NDR and KiKA decided not to take part in the 2022 contest. The statement “creative break” suggests that the next German entry in Junior Eurovision will be different from the last two times. This could mean, for example, that the selection process for the German act and German song to be revised. There have been a lot of speculations about recreating KiKA’s successful “Dein Song” selection process, however it is very likely that the planning here will take some time. According to the statement, the fact that Germany wants to return to the Competition next year, i.e. 2023, seems to be well planned.

Germany participated in 2021 with the song “Imagine Us” by Pauline:


In addition, the German delegation also referred to the security situation in the host country, Armenia, when they decided to not take  part in the contest. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when traveling to the country you must observe the following:

“There is currently a travel warning in place across the entire border region with Azerbaijan and the Nagorno-Karabakh region. There are protests all over the country in Armenia, especially in Yerevan. Avoid protests and large crowds of people over a wide area.”

From this point of view, the decision is perhaps understandable (especially in a children’s competition), although this reason played a rather secondary role and the “creative break” was more decisive for this decision.

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Source: esc-kompact.de

Ukraine: Confirmed its participation in Junior Eurovision 2022!

Ukraine wants to win for the second time the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, a few months after the Kalush Orchestra‘s triumph in Turin. The winner of Eurovision 2022 announced that will also participate as usual in Junior Eurovision 2022 which will take place in Yerevan, Armenia.

The Ukrainian public broadcaster, UA:PBC, confirmed just a few hours ago its participation in the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Ukraine’s participation will be selected through a national final, which will take place in the fall.

Detailed details of the process and the way of conducting the Ukrainian national final in view of Junior Eurovision 2022 are expected to be known in the near future.

Olena Usenko represented Ukraine in the last Junior Eurovision held last December with the song “Vazhil“. The Eastern European country ranked 6th out of a total of 19 countries with 125 points.


Junior Eurovision 2022

The 2022 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Yerevan, Armenia, following the country’s victory in the 2021 contest in Paris. This is the second time that Armenia has won the competition, the first was in 2010. To date, the following countries have confirmed participation or expressed interest in the 20th edition of the competition:

  • Albania
  • Armenia
  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Georgia – Mariam Bigvava
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • North Macedonia – Lara & Irina
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Serbia
  • Spain
  • Ukraine

Source: UA:PBC

Greece: Will not return to Junior Eurovision in 2022 | EXCLUSIVE

Greece does not return to this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will be held in Yerevan, Armenia, on December 11, 2022.

ERT continues its abstention from the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, with its last participation in the distant 2008. The most probable most likely of the national elections in the fall and the change of the mid-summer CEO are the two main factors that led ERT in this decision. In 2023 ERT will reconsider its decision.

So far, ten countries have confirmed their participation in the upcoming Eurovision children’s song contest, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary:

  • Armenia
  • Northern Macedonia
  • Bulgaria
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal

Greece at Junior Eurovision

Greece participated in the maiden contest of Junior Eurovision 2003. Five more entries followed until 2008. For the first three years, ERT did well, always managing to be in the top ten of the final standings. From 2006 onwards, however, the follow-up was not proportionate. In fact, in 2007 our country took the last place, something that has never happened in any other EBU competition. All Greek participations emerged through an open selection and a national final. Our best participation was Now Is Our Series, with Alexandros Chountas and Kalli Georgelli, who in 2005 took sixth place!

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Junior Eurovision 2022: The contest will be held on December 11 in Yerevan!

The EBU recently announced that the 20th Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Yerevan on December 11. The event will take place at the Karen Demirchyan Sports & Concerts Complex.

Following Armenia’s victory in Junior Eurovision 2021, the country’s public television had announced that it wanted to host next year. Finally today the EBU officially confirmed that Yerevan will host the contest, on December 11 at the Karen Demirchyan Sports & Concerts Complex, with a capacity of 6,000 seats.

This will be the second time that Armenia will host the competition. In 2011 for the first time a Eurovision event was held in Armenia, after its first victory in the children’s contest.

Let us remember once again Malena’s Qami Qami, with which she was at the top, a few months ago in Paris.


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