Albania: The revamp of “Zemrën N’dorë” will be released in March!

Besa Kokëdhima, Albania’s Eurovision representative in Eurovision 2024, revealed on her personal Instagram account that the new revamped version of “Zemrën N’dorë” will be released in March.

Besa Kokëdhima won the Albanian national selection for Eurovision 2024, namely FiK, in December, exclusively by the vote of the audience, as she was not the jury’s pick. We remind you that Besa Kokëdhima will participate in the first half of the second semi-final on May 9.

You can also check out the reaction video of EurovisionFun on “Zemrën N’dorë”, below:

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San Marino: “Like an Animal” Music Video has been released!

San Marino has chosen its representative for this year’s Eurovision through Una Voce Per San Marino. The winners were Piqued Jacks with the song “Like an animal“, and will represent the microstate enclave in May in Liverpool.

Earlier in April, the final version of “Like an Animal” was released, which was the last entry in this year’s competition to be officially released digitally.

A short while ago, via Piqued Jacks‘ official YouTube channel, the video clip of the track was revealed.

Check out the video clip of Piqued Jacks’ “Like an animal”, by Piqued Jacks for Eurovision 2023:

San Marino is competing in the 12th place of the Second Semifinal on May 11.

You can watch the EurovisionFun team’s reaction to San Marino‘s participation below:

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Eurovision 2023: Listen to the revamps from Poland and Romania!

Poland and Romania will compete in Liverpool with new versions of their songs. The revamps of the songs are already available on spotify, but only in their karaoke version.


Solo grew in duration, since just before the 2nd minute of the song, you can hear a musical bridge, which is not present in the original version.


In adition, the Romanian entry has also changed, mainly in the orchestration of the song.

Poland and Romania are in the second semi-final of the contest, with the betting so far not wanting the two countries to punch a ticket to the grand final.

What did you think of the new versions of the songs?

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San Marino: Listen to the revamp of “Like An Animal”!

As it had became known, in late February, the band Piqued Jacks won the San Marinese National Final “Una Voce Per San Marino 2023”, claiming their ticket for Liverpool and Eurovision 2023.

With the song Like An Animal, Piqued Jacks will represent their country in Eurovision, as the new version of the song was published today on Spotify which is specially composed for the European Song Contest!

Down bellow you will find the final form of the song:


Down below you can see the live performance of the song in the National Final along with the reaction of EurovisionFun:

We want to remind you that San Marino will perform 12th at the second semi final, at 11th of May 2023 in Liverpool.

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Albania: Listen to the revamped version of “Duje” for Eurovision 2023!

Albina & Familja Kelmendi, the Albanian entrants for the 67th Eurovision Song Contest, have released the revamp of their Fik61 winning song and the official music video.

As for the revamp of “Duje”, this was done with the participation of live musical instruments including 60 strings in a studio in Istanbul. The song will be performed entirely in the Albanian language and does not differ much from the version heard at Festivali i Këngës.

Listen to “Duje” below:

Albina & Familja Kelmendi will perform in the second half of the second semi-final on May 11.

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Ukraine: Listen to the revamped version of “Heart of Steel”!

Ukraine’s representative at the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest, TVORCHI have released a revamped version of their entry “Heart of Steel”.

The first country to choose a song for Eurovision 2023 was Ukraine. Since December 17, through their national final “Vidbir“, Ukrainians have chosen TVORCHI and “Heart Of Steel” to represent them in the Eurovision contest.  TVORCHI want to show us that they have been working all this time because Ukraine’s goal is to win again. So they prepared a revamp for “Heart Of Steel”, and they present it to us tonight.

There are no huge differences in the song, except the addition of some Ukrainian lyrics and a dynamic orchestration, that has been added which tops the song. It certainly looks like they worked hard to present the best version of the song in Liverpool and claim the victory for Ukraine.

Listen to the Eurovision Version of “Heart of Steel”:

TVORCHI will compete in the Grand Final of Eurovision 2023 on May 13. Despite not being able to host the contest, Ukraine automatically qualifies for the final as the reigning champions.

Did you like the revamped version of the Ukrainian entry for Eurovision 2023?

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Ιreland: Listen to the Revamped Version of “We Are One”!

A few minutes ago, the updated version and video clip of Ireland‘s song “We Are One” for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, with Wild Youth, was released. Wild Youth were selected to represent Ireland in Liverpool after winning Eurosong 2023, which was broadcast as part of the Late Late Show.

“We Are One” was written and composed by band members Conor O’Donohoe and Ed Porter alongside Jörgen Elofsson. Jörgen has written hits such as “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” by Kelly Clarkson, “(You Drive Me) Crazy” by Britney Spears and “Fool Again” by Westlife.

You can watch the official video clip below:

Wild Youth will perform in the first half of the first semi-final on May 9.

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Moldova: Listen to the revamp of Trenulețul!

A few minutes ago, Zdob şi Zdub and Fraţii Advahov presented the final version of “Trenulețul”, with which they will represent Moldova the upcoming May in Turin.

The revamp of “Trenulețul”, the song that will represent Moldova in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, was performed tonight. The revelation was made at “Cine vine la noi” in Moldova 1.

Listen to the revamp below:


The updated version of “Trenulețul” includes a different introduction to the song as well as an increased amount of words in English. Towards the end of the song there is now a guitar solo and a repetition of the song’s refrain in English and Moldovan.

Zdob şi Zdub are competing in the Eurovision Song Contest for the third time. The band represented Moldova in the country’s debut in the 2005 competition before returning again in 2011. Zdob şi Zdub & Fratii Advahov will appear in the first half of the first semifinal on 10 May.

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Source: TRM

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Czech Republic: Listen to the final version of “Lights Off” by We Are Domi!

We Are Domi, the representatives of the Czech Republic, released the final version of “Lights Off” for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin

The final version was heard for the first time in the Romanian final where We Are Domi were invited on March 5. 

Today the song was released on all digital music platforms.

Listen below to the final version of “Lights Off”:

The music video for the Czech entry will be released later this week on March 18, the location of filming the video took place in Prague.

Czech Republic has been drawn to compete in the second half of the second semifinal  (positions 10-18).

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North Macedonia: The final version of “Circles” by Andrea has been released!

Circles“, the entry of North Macedonia in Eurovision 2022, underwent a production revamp. The final version of the song, along with the music video, was uploaded on the official Eurovision YouTube channel.

MRT, the Public Broadcaster of North Macedonia, allocated a budget of 2,000 euros to improve the production of the song, after Andrea‘s victory in Za Evrosong, as the country is one of those that offer financial support to their representative after winning their national selection.

Watch the music video of “Circles”:

Andrea won Za Evrosong after a draw with Viktor Apostolovski with a total of 20 points each. Andrea was selected as the winner, having received more points from the jury.

North Macedonia will compete in the second half of the second semifinal on May 12th.

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