Russia: EBU formally suspends Russian broadcasters!

This week, the European Broadcasting Union officially suspended its Russian broadcasters from the organization.

RTR , Channel One and Radio Dom Ostankino have now been excluded from the European Broadcasting Union, following a unanimous decision by the Executive Committee earlier this week. The confirmation of the decision was sent to all EBU member broadcasters with a statement reading:

On behalf of the Executive Committee, I would like to inform you of the decision taken by the Council on three Russian members of the EBU (RTR, Channel One and Radio Dom Ostankino) at its meeting yesterday. Based on the measures taken by the Executive Council at its last meeting on April 7, when it launched the suspension procedure, the Council unanimously decided to immediately suspend the three Russian members of the EBU indefinitely, which the Executive Board will review regularly.

The EBU  has banned  Russia from participating in Eurovision 2022, following calls from several broadcasters to do so, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. All Russian state media that were members of the EBU (VGTRK, Channel One and Radiodom Ostankino) announced their withdrawal from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in response to Russia’s removal from Eurovision 2022.

Channel One has been a member of the EBU since 1995, VGTRK since 1993 and Radio Dom Ostankino since 1996. Their departure from the EBU would mean that they would no longer be able to compete in Eurovision or access content such as sports events, news and music programs.

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Source: Eurovoix

Latvia: Polina Gagarina and Natalya Podolskaya banned from entering the country over their support of Russia’s war in Ukraine!

Latvia’s message is clear: Polina Gagarina and Natalya Podolskaya are not welcome in the country.

On Thursday, Latvia’s Foreign Minister Edgars Rinkēvičs included the two Russian representatives in Eurovision, on a list of 25 Russian entertainers and artists deemed “undesirable people” for “expressing active support for the long-running aggression of the Russian authorities against Ukraine”.

As Latvian public media LSV reports, the list includes 20 people who took part in a highly criticized event in Moscow on 18 March. Artists, including Polina Gagarina, performed at the Luzhniki Stadium to mark the eighth anniversary of Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and to support the country’s ongoing war in Ukraine.

President Putin appeared, stating that Russians “have not had such unity for a long time”.

But, as the BBC reports, not everyone in the audience actually wanted to be there. Many told the BBC they worked in the public sector, and that they had been pressured into attending by their employers. Students told that they had been given the option of a day off from lectures if they attended ‘a concert’. Some of the students we spoke to didn’t even know that the event was dedicated, in part, to support the war in Ukraine.

The list of undesirable persons in Latvia includes: Maria Sitela, Dmitry Guberniev, Vladimir Mashkov, Artyom Fence, Tina Candelaki, Viktor Polakov, Polina Gagarina, Nikolai Rastorgujev, Vitaly Loktev, Alexander Jerohin, Sergei Pereguda, Vasily Peguda, Vasily Denis Macujev, Nikita Mikhalkov, Valery Gergiev, Dmitry Streltsov, Alexei Tarasov, Pavel Suchkov, Alexei Kantur, Sergei Polunin, Victoria Ciganova, Stanislav Mikhailov.

Polina’s public support of the war created a negative impression Eurovision fans. Her 2015 entry — the peace anthemA Million Voices” — is completely at odds with the brutal war Russia started in the name of Putin.

Latvia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that “those included in the list of undesirable persons for Latvia clearly justify and propagate the unprovoked and unjustifiable Russian invasion and war in Ukraine. Latvia strongly condemns Russia’s unprovoked and unjustifiable war in Ukraine, which has lasted for almost a month and where Ukrainian civilians and soldiers are losing their lives every day as a result of the brutal actions of the Russian armed forces. Entry into Latvia is not allowed.”


The official EBU announcement regarding Russia’s participation

After SVT’s pressure to exclude Russia from Eurovision Song Contest 2022, the EBU has said that Russia remains welcome at Eurovision 2022.

Jo Waters, Senior Communications Officer of the EBU made an official statement:

As the situation between Russia and Ukraine escalates, access to trusted, factual and impartial information is more critical than ever.

All media broadcasters and the EBU as a union are focused on doing our job for the public in difficult circumstances and will not hesitate to condemn any infringements or violations of press freedom.

It is vital for journalists to be allowed to continue to operate both freely and safely, and report without hindrance. Supporting media freedom must be prioritized, not despite these challenging circumstances, but because of them.

This situation puts the EBU in a difficult position. It is not the governments that are members of the EBU, but the broadcasters. The EBU is not in the position to sanction a member based on the actions of its government. They could claim – as UA:PBC suggested – that the broadcaster violated the member’s codes of conduct – as happened with Belarus.

When the EBU suspended Yugoslavia’s membership in the 1990s, their action was based on a UN Security Council Resolution. This will not happen with Ukraine, since Russia is a permanent member of the council and has the rights of veto power.

Should the EBU choose to suspend membership from Russia, this would be the second time in 12 months that a broadcaster has lost its membership from the EBU. In July 2021, the Belarusian public broadcaster had its EBU membership suspended for failing to meet its freedom of expression obligations.

Ukraine in the top 3 of the betting odds, Russia out of the top 20!

While all of the above is happening, Ukraine has rose again in the betting odds, despite replacing Alina Pash with Kalush Orchestra. They are currently in third place, unlike Russia who has been on a steady fall over the last few hours, and as a result are in 21st place as of now.

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Россия: Dream Team в Москве перед окончательным выбором!

Дрим Тим (Димитрис Контопулос и Илиас Кокотос) находится в Москве, судя по их аккаунтам в социальных сетях. Эта поездка в российскую столицу является ключевой в связи с представлением страны на Евровидении 2022.

Не секрет, что каждый второй год, когда Россия 1 берет на себя участие России в конкурсе, канал сотрудничает с Dream Team, что на самом деле приносит им много хороших результатов до сих пор. Также не секрет, что одним из имен, с которыми Dream Team хотела бы сотрудничать на Евровидении 2022, является суперзвезда Клава Кока. На самом деле, певица была в Афинах несколько месяцев назад и в студии Димитриса Контопулоса, вероятно, записала потенциальную песню для конкурса.

Конечно, ничего не следует принимать на веру, так как если артист, которого выбрала Россия 1, не удовлетворит Dream Team в качестве выбора, то совсем не исключено, что они в конечном итоге не поедут на конкурс от страны.

Пока неясно, какими будут решения как российского общественного телевидения, так и Dream Team. Однако пришло время окончательного решения!

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Russia: With Little Big in Eurovision 2021?

A very important speculation is circulating internet the last hour. According to the Russian Eurovision fan club VK, the CEO of the public broadcaster Channel1, Konstantin Ernst, has confirmed that Little Big will have a second chance to get on the Eurovision stage.

On 28th of September Channel 1 confirmed that it is going to be the responsible broadcaster for the selection of the representative of Russia at Eurovision 2021, since the 2020 was canceled. In Russia, there are two broadcasters that are members of the EBU, Channel 1 and RTR. Therefore the project is undertaken alternately by each channel.

If the speculation of the fan club VK is true, then Little Big will raise the number of the returning artists from 2020 to 23.

It is unknown yet when the speculations will be confirmed from Channel 1, since we are used to get the news from Russia at the very last moment.

Let’s remember the entry that was meant to compete at the 2020 contest, and was one of the hot favourites.


Russia: Channel 1 responsible for Eurovision 2021

Today, the Russian Broadcaster Channel 1, confirmed that Russia is going to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In Russia, there are two broadcasters that are members of the EBU; Channel 1 and RTR. Therefore the project of Eurovision is undertaken by each channel alternately. For 2020, Channel 1 was responsible for the participation of the country, but due to the cancellation of the contest because of the COIVD-19 pandemic, it is going to be Channel 1 the responsible broadcaster for 2021 as well.

This is not something unprecedented. In 2017, it was Channel 1’s turn to arrange Russia’s participation. Because of the entrance ban, imposed to Julia Samoylova by the Ukrainian authorities, and the subsequent withdrawal of Russia from Kiev 2017, Channel 1 undertook the Eurovision project for 2018, choosing again Julia Samoylova.

As far as the selection process is concerned, nothing has been announced yet. Could the band Little Big be chosen again for 2021? Nobody knows. But since it’s Channel 1 responsible, no οne can rule out their return.

Source: Esctoday

Russia: Watch the first live performance of “UNO” by Little Big

After announcing their bid for this year’s Eurovision Contest, Little Big performed live “UNO” for the first time.

Through the Vecherniy Urgant show, hosted by Ivan Urgant, who also presented the 2009 contest in Moscow, Little Big gave the first live performance of the entry for Rotterdam.

Watch their appearance in the video below:


Russia: Listen to Little Big’s “UNO” for Eurovision 2020

As it has been known for months, Russia would choose this year’s Eurovision entry by direct assignment. After months of “silence” it  has been announced a few days before that it would be represented in Rotterdam by the unconventional Little Big!

For a few days everyone has been waiting for the unveiling of the song that Russia will compete with at Eurovision 2020. So, the song that will be claimed by “Bear” for its 2nd victory in the contest is entitled “Uno”. “Uno” is based on the familiar satirical features of Little Big. This is probably the first time Russia has chosen something so unconventional to represent it at Eurovision!

Watch the video clip HERE.

Who are The Little ?

Little Big is one of the best known bands in Russia. The band has been released throughout the seven-year run of 3 records and 9 singles. It consists of 4 members:

-Ilya Ilich Prusikin
-Sergey Gokk Makarov
– Anton (Boo) Lissov
-and Sonya Tayurskaya

The Little Bigs characterize their band as a satirical art collaboration based on music, graphics and performance. To a large extent their songs satirize some of the most widespread Russian stereotypes. At the same time, through their art they bring their audience closer to Russian tradition and Russian folk music. When asked about their possible future participation in Eurovision last year, they had openly expressed their desire to represent Russia in the near future!

The band has been heavily influenced by a multitude of artists representing different genres of music. Among others, Little Big’s discography has influences from Mozart and Vivaldi to Rammstein and Red Hot ChilI Peppers!

Their latest big hit “Skibidi” has gone viral worldwide, surpassing 360 million views on YouTube!


Why did Bilan withdraw?


Some days ago it was announced that the winner of Eurovision 2008, Dima Bilan, withdrew from HET GROTE SONGFESTIVALFEEST 2019 which will take place on December 15th. Event organizers explained to  the reason why Dima Bilan came up with this decision:

“Hi, unfortunately, we must inform you that Dima Bilan has broken the contract and will not attend the concert for two reasons: First, he because he wasn’t the only Russian artist in the show and second because his name was not sufficiently big in the poster.”


After all the drama caused by this announcement, Dima Bilan explained himself his version of the story in his Instagram account. Here’s what he said:

“In the first person I want to write about some slight agitations, about my refusal to go to Holland for a big, popular concert with Eurovision stars! A concert that may not be related to the official concerts of Eurovision itself! The organizer of this event came to me with a list of Eurovision winners and I agreed, having on mind my frequent performances, for example, in London with Graham Norton, an excellent show that was broadcast on British channels. Then, I realized that it’s about a mass concert and it doesn’t have the “all Eurovision winners” stamp in it. The atmosphere and status of the concert itself changed, and we, to put it mildly, stayed in the delusion of the previous list. Being organized and in advance, on November 15, I proposed to the organizers, in civilized manner, to discuss the termination of the contract with the agreement of the parties. Moreover, even then, on the scales was a charity evening on December 15th, in favor of which I took this decision.

I don’t understand the reason why, to cheat with posters. The organizers sent me a specific one, but in social media they shared a different one. I don’t care about it, I don’t suffer from underestimation syndrome, this for kids’ amusement. But there are unspoken rules, if you see the least swindle in organization, then the trust immediately disappears! I have been working for a long time with international companies and I know how it has to be done. And the affair with the posters became one more reason for my insistent request to discuss the termination of the contract. It’s absolutely wrong, that organizers decided to inform people now, they might have bought tickets for me too! Why now this hype, 3 days before the concert?

The hype that rises in this moment makes me think, that someone, with this supposed scandal, wants to raise the sales of the tickets. It seems like for someone this isn’t a strange thing to do. It’s strange to put my words and my desires under any doubt, as long as I am absolutely an adherent of Eurovision, and I simply cannot be ungrateful to the contest! And of course there is definitely no antagonism in the fact that artists from Russia participate there, and especially about Sergey Lazarev, with whom we often meet at various venues. But I can’t take part to the concert, because due to my proposal to discuss about this situation, organizers just handed over tickets and requested compensation.

I was little surprised at this kind of request, so I agreed with a great fund to take part in a charity concert in 15th of December, they’re doing great things in sphere of charity.

I appeal to my favorite fans, that I’m ready to be and live on the stage even with broken legs for them: If you want to meet me and see my show, next year I’ll go on tour to Germany!

I’ll be happy to see you!”

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От первого лица хочу написать про легкие волнения,по поводу моего отказа ехать в Голландию на кассовый концерт звёзд Евровидения ! Концерт, который, возможно, не имеет отношения к официальным концертам самого евровидения @eurovision ! На меня вышел организатор этого мероприятия со списком участников- победителей Евровидения и я согласился ,проведя параллель с моими нередкими выступлениями, например, в Лондоне с грэммом Нортон @thegrahamnortonshowofficial – отличным шоу, которое транслировалось на британских каналах. В этом же случае, я понял, что концерт, все-таки, абсолютно сборный и в нем нет грифа «все победители Евровидения», некая атмосфера и статус самого концерта поменялся, а нас, мягко говоря, ввели в заблуждение первичным списком. Я в организованном порядке , заблаговременно, 15 ноября цивилизованно предложил организаторам ,обсудить вопрос расторжения договора по согласию сторон. Тем более уже тогда на чаше весов был благотворительный вечер 15 го декабря, в пользу которого в конечном итоге пал мой выбор. ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ ТЕКСТА В ПУБЛИКАЦИИ! ЛИСТАЙТЕ! #билан #димабилан #биланперезагрузка !

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Eurostars:Sergey’s back again?

Last Tuesday “Victoria” music awards took place in Kremlin and among all the famous Russian stars, Sergey Lazarev was there as well. During red carpet, the artist was asked by if he still wants to take revenge and bring ESC back to Russia!

“I can still impress, I have something to show. I have many qualities, including musical ones, which I maybe didn’t demonstrate at competitions in 2016 and 2019,” Sergey smiled. “I don’t exclude the possibility of going to Eurovision once again, but I declare with all responsibility: this will definitely not happen in 2020.”

As for now, Sergey is getting ready for a new grand show and its premiere is scheduled for the spring of 2021.

Next year, Channel One will be in charge of the selection of the participant for the competition. As always there are rumors that Alexander Panayotov, Olga Buzova or Zivert can represent Russia. But Sergey has a different point of view.

“In my opinion, should take part a new name, a new artist. I wouldn’t like to point out someone specifically, so not to be accused of partiality.”

Would you like to see Sergey again to Eurovision stage?