Netherlands: Douwe Bob has submitted two entries for Eurovision 2024!

The Netherlands has confirmed its 2024 participation and furthermore has initiated its selection process, which will be, as usual, internal. Interested artists were invited to submit their entries back in July with the submission window closing a few days ago. A record of more than 600 songs it is known to be submitted and at a later stage reviewed by a professional jury, which will select the next Dutch act.

Douwe Bob’s involvement in the selection process was first rumored in July. Now, it is confirmed that the ex-Dutch participant from 2016 is the co-writer of Numidia’s submitted song for Eurovision 2024. Numidia is a 24 years-old Dutch-Moroccan artist, who is best known for participating in The Voice of Kids, reaching the finals as well as in Best Zangers, where she was a co-participant of Douwe Bob.

Douwe Bob seems really excited about the song he co-wrote, mentioning that:

The song is in English but it also features the Berber language. The song is about connecting and looking beyond what we are taught. It’s a very connecting song. Open your eyes and we are all one, that’s the main message.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Douwe Bob has also submitted an entry himself, which indicates a possible Eurovision return as a singer. However, Douwe Bob said he would be prepared to withdraw his entry if it meant that Numidia could travel to Malmö.

Douwe Bob represented The Netherlands in Eurovision 2016 with his song “Slow Down“, finishing in the 11th place.

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Source: RTL

Netherlands: Armin Van Buuren rules out Eurovision participation!

Armin van Buuren is not planning to send another entry for the Eurovision Netherlands selection.  The acclaimed DJ sent a song during the 2022 selection process together with singer Jaap Reesema which was rejected by the Dutch public broadcaster.

Furthermore, van Buuren explained that he feels he was mistreated by the Eurovision Selection Committee:

“We didn’t even hear whether it was a yes or a no.  In the end it wasn’t us, okay. But then we had to call someone to find out that it wasn’t us. That’s very strange, when I think they really wanted me to do it

AVROTROS responds

Dutch broadcaster has replied to the allegations made by Armin Van Buuren.  According to the public broadcaster spokeswoman, there was a communication problem between the parties involved and that AVROTROS talked with the DJ’s management in due time

At the time, his management was informed by Eric van Stade (General Director of AVROTROS)

In the end the Netherlands internally selected S10 with her song De Diepte.  S10 ended in 11th place in the Grand Final

Source: NU

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The Netherlands: National final for Eurovision 2024?

After Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper were heavily criticized for their vocal performance in their two appearances at the eurovision preparties, AVROTROS director Eric van Stade hinted that holding a national final for the selection of the country’s participation in Eurovision next year is being considered.

He explained to the Dutch press office ANP that the return of such a selection method has been discussed many times in recent years:

“Even after the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, the decision whether the Dutch entry should be chosen by the public or not will be discussed again, in a serious way with all involved. We have to look for a concept that works. Of course, we’ve all seen this not work in the past. We want to avoid that.”

The Netherlands used the Nationaal Songfestival as a selection method in the years 2009-2012. During this time period, the Netherlands failed to qualify for the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 2013, the country returned to selecting its entry internally, with Anouk finishing in the top 10. The following year, the Netherlands reached second place in the final with “Calm After The Storm”, performed by The Common Linnets. Finally, the Netherlands won in 2019 with internally selected “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence.

We remind you that the Eurovision commentator for the Netherlands, Cornald Maas, has expressed his negative attitude towards the possibility of holding a national final to select the country’s future representatives.

You can watch the Eurovisionfun team’s reaction video for the dutch entry:

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