Greece: The viewership rate for the Second Semi-Final!

The viewership for the Second Semi-Final were increased compared to the First Semi-Final despite the disqualification of Greece in the contest, viewers chose to watch yestarday’s show.

More specifically, the measurement comapny Nielsen about the TV ratings announced that the Second Semi-Final had a 16.6% of audience share overall, with a maximum quarter of the results at 23.4%. The contest was mostly viewed by the young audience with a 20,6% share and at the last quarter of the show, when the results were announced, were at 26.9% viewer share.

The corresponding percentages last year were considerably lower, with the Greek participation and Amanda Tenfjord qualifying for the Grand Final. This happened because the Greek participation this year got a lot of publicity, along with critisism and negative comments.

As a result, the interest for the Greek viewers’ in the Eurovision Song Contest will wane as Victor Vernicos failed to qualify for the final.

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Italy-Germany: Τhe viewers of the First Semi-Final of Eurovision 2023!

With the first semi-final of Eurovision 2023 already completed, the ratings for Italy and Germany have been released.


A total of 1.8 million viewers watched the first semi-final via Rai 2 in Italy. Italian interest in the Eurovision Song Contest remains high and stood at 8.6% last night. While the numbers are down from last year, when Italy hosted the competition, the channel change from Rai 4 to Rai 2 led to a fourfold increase in viewers compared to 2021. (535,000 viewers and a 2.2% share).


A total of 590 thousand viewers watched the Eurovision 2023 First Semi-Final live last night on the German channel ONE. Total viewing figures remained flat compared to recent years, with interest expected to increase in tomorrow’s second Semi-Final.

DWDL reports that the competition was among the 15 most-watched shows for viewers between the ages of 14 and 49, with a 6.3% share for the age group. This represents almost a doubling of interest compared to 2022, when it was rated at just 3.4% for 14- to 49-year-olds.

source: Εurovoix

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United Kingdom: Peak of 3.4 Million Viewers For the Semi-Final One!

With Eurovision 2023 being hosted in the UK and with British interest in the contest rekindled, the BBC decided to broadcast the semi-finals not on BBC Three or BBC Four, as it used to, but on BBC One.

BBC One is the UK broadcaster’s main channel and this change has dramatically increased viewership for the competition in its first stage, the semi-finals, where ratings are traditionally lower than in the Grand Final.

An average of 2.3 million viewers watched the First Semi-Final on BBC One, while the corresponding First Semi-Final last year was watched by 545 thousand viewers. So, this is an increase of 623% compared to last year! In fact, yesterday’s semi-final reached a peak of 3.4 million viewers at one point!

Indicatively, the viewership in other BIG 5 was as follows yesterday:

Germany: 590 thousand viewers

Italy: 1.9 million viewers – 8.6% viewership

The organization of the contest by the United Kingdom, last year’s success of Sam Ryder, the recruitment of famous women to present the contest and much more seem to be reflected in the Eurovision 2023 viewing figures for the British.

Great start for the UK, who vote in Thursday’s 2nd Semi-Final and as a member of the BIG 5 and host nation, compete directly in the Grand Final. This year, the UK has given the anointing of representation to Mae Muller with ‘I Wrote A Song’, who has even been drawn to close Saturday’s Grand Final.

You can also watch EurovisionFun’s reaction video for “I Wrote A Song”, below:

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Finland: 2,1 Million Viewers for Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023!

The final of UMK 2023 took yesterday evening in Logomo in Turku and was hosted by Samu Haber. This was the second year in a row and the third time overall that Logomo played host to the contest. At the end of the show Käärijä with “Cha Cha Cha” declared the winner and will fly to Liverpool as the representative of Finland in Eurovision 2023!

A record-breaking number of viewers watched the final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023 last night in Finland. Finnish broadcaster YLE has revealed that approximately 2.1 million people have watched the final of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2023. Last year, the final of UMK with The Rasmus was watched by 1,9 million viewers!

A total of 231,968 votes were cast this year: 138,644 votes in the app and 93,324 votes by phone and SMS.

Käärijä has won Uuden Musikiin Kilpailu 2023 with the song “Cha Cha Cha” and below you can enjoy his live performance:

Käärijä and Finland are going to participate in the second half of the first semi-final which is scheduled on 9th of May. Do you think that Finland will  achieve a better placement than last year’s 21st place? Let us know in the comments below!

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Eurovision 2022: 161 Million Viewers Across 34 Countries!

The numbers are in… 161 million viewers watched the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest on television, as online engagement soars to new heights.

Across the three live shows of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 a total of 161 million viewers watched in 34 countries where the viewing audience in measured. The contest recorded a share during the final of 43.3% of audiences, up 3 percentage points from 2021. Interest from young viewers reached 56.2% for those aged 15-24, four times the average for the participating channels.

While the overall total audience for the contest is down on the 183 million recorded in 2021, last year 29 million watched in Ukraine and Russia, two countries where data was not measured in 2022. As a result in the 34 consistent measured markets from 2021, the audience grew up 7 million viewers.

Across Europe, in 13 out of the 34 countries over 50% of the viewing audience watched the Grand Final including Armenia, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Iceland once again topped the share with 96.4% of the viewing audience.

On social media the contest also grew. On TikTok a total of 189 million views were recorded on the official Eurovision account, of which 3.3 million unique viewers watched the Grand Final live. Across the week of the live shows, 42.3 million unique viewers across 232 countries and territories watched content on the official YouTube channel.

Over 8 million Tweets about the Contest were sent during the event week, doubling the record total set in 2021. In total, videos on the 4 social channels were watched over 284 million times during the week of the event.

Additionally, between 1 and 15 May the Contest’s official social media accounts generated 22 million engagement actions on posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. Content on the official Facebook page reached 24 million people with a further 13.5 million people reached on Instagram where posts were seen over 255 million times.

Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Martin Österdahl said:

We couldn’t be happier to see the success of the Eurovision Song Contest across all our Members’ channels and on our digital platforms this year…Once again, we have seen the enormous popularity of the Contest among young audiences, some of whom are discovering the event for the first time. The Eurovision Song Contest truly has global appeal demonstrated by the millions watching in every territory on earth and millions more interacting on social media.

Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra has won the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, Italy. Here’s the winner’s performance:

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Italy: 13.3 Million Viewers for the Final Night of Sanremo 2022!

The 72nd edition of Sanremo came to an end yesterday with more than 13 million viewers tuned in to RAI. It was the highest viewership for the Festival since 2005!

13,38 million viewers for the final night of Sanremo 2022

Sanremo, 6 February 2022 – And it is boom for final of the Sanremo Festival 2022, who crowned winners Mahmood & Blanco with “Brividi”. Last night Rai1 got  13 million 380 thousand viewers equal to 64.9%. Last year the last evening of the Festival had scored an average of 9 million 970 thousand viewers with a 54.4% share.

The viewing figures for the past 4 nights of this year show are as followed:

  • Night One – 10.9 million
  • Night two – 11.3 million
  • Night three – 9.3 million
  • Night four – 11.37 million
  • Final – 13.3 million

All nights saw an increase in viewers compared with last year’s show in 2020. The final in 2020 just 9.9 million viewers and a share of 54.4% and nights two and four had their best viewing figures since 1995 this year. The audience peaked with 16,984,000 viewers at 22:38 CET during the performance of Farfalle Azzurre.

As winners of the 72nd Sanremo Festival, Mahmood and Blanco had first refusal on whether or not they participate in Eurovision 2022. They accepted the offer during the winners’ press conference and will now represent Italy on home ground in Turin. “Brividi” will have to undergo adjustments before it can compete in Eurovision, as it is currently over three minutes long, which is against Eurovision rules.

Source: La Stampa , RAI

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