Italy: 13.3 Million Viewers for the Final Night of Sanremo 2022!

The 72nd edition of Sanremo came to an end yesterday with more than 13 million viewers tuned in to RAI. It was the highest viewership for the Festival since 2005!

13,38 million viewers for the final night of Sanremo 2022

Sanremo, 6 February 2022 – And it is boom for final of the Sanremo Festival 2022, who crowned winners Mahmood & Blanco with “Brividi”. Last night Rai1 got  13 million 380 thousand viewers equal to 64.9%. Last year the last evening of the Festival had scored an average of 9 million 970 thousand viewers with a 54.4% share.

The viewing figures for the past 4 nights of this year show are as followed:

  • Night One – 10.9 million
  • Night two – 11.3 million
  • Night three – 9.3 million
  • Night four – 11.37 million
  • Final – 13.3 million

All nights saw an increase in viewers compared with last year’s show in 2020. The final in 2020 just 9.9 million viewers and a share of 54.4% and nights two and four had their best viewing figures since 1995 this year. The audience peaked with 16,984,000 viewers at 22:38 CET during the performance of Farfalle Azzurre.

As winners of the 72nd Sanremo Festival, Mahmood and Blanco had first refusal on whether or not they participate in Eurovision 2022. They accepted the offer during the winners’ press conference and will now represent Italy on home ground in Turin. “Brividi” will have to undergo adjustments before it can compete in Eurovision, as it is currently over three minutes long, which is against Eurovision rules.

Source: La Stampa , RAI

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for the full coverage of Italy in Eurovision Sοng Contest 2022.

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