Italy: First information about the Sanremo 2022 songs!

It is time for accredited journalists to listen to the 25 candidate songs of Sanremo 2022. The first information from the lucky ones who heard the entries was just published in the Italian press a couple of hours ago and Eurovisionfun, faithful to its appointment, is here to bring it to you. Intense dance and disco rhythms, classical ballads, rock and rap will be heard this year from 1 to 5 February 2022 at Teatro Ariston. Let’s see them in detail: The three big favorites for the trophy and the representation of Italy in Eurovision 2022, which as it is known is the host country, seem to be the entries of Mahmood & Blanco, Elisa, Rkomi and La rappresentante di lista (but a surprise is always possible and we’re even used to them!).

EMMA – “OGNI VOLTA È COSÌ” – (Davide Petrella, Emma Marrone)

10 years after her victory in Sanremo and eight years after her participation in Eurovision, Emma returns to the festival, performing the kind of music she knows well. A power ballad with hard lyrics and a wild performance.


Massimo Ranieri is also a Sanremo winner. His ballad, unlike Emma’s, ​​is a simple melodic ballad, based simply on the piano and his special tone.

SANGIOVANNI – “FARFALLE” – (Sangiovanni, Alessandro La Cava)

A radio uptempo track that will appeal to younger ages.

IVA ZANICCHI – “VOGLIO AMARTI” – (Emilio Di Stefano)

Perhaps the most classic Sanremo entry. A huge voice, in a ballad whose style we’ve been coming across for decades at the festival, but which apparently Italians are not tired of hearing.

ACHILLE LAURO – “DOMENICA” – (Achille Lauro, Simon Pietro Manzari, Davide Petrella)

A radio pop/rock song, with quite unconventional lyrics. The appearance of Achille Lauro is once again expected to be hotly debated.

AKA7EVEN – “PERFETTA COSÌ” – (Aka7even, Vincenzo Colella)

Aka7even’s song only starts with the piano, but soon becomes uplifting. Perfect for the radio.

MICHELE BRAVI – “INVERNO DEI FIORI” – (Michele Bravi, Cheope, Alex Andrea Raige Vella)

A love uptempo song, characterized by the elegance of Michele Bravi.


A vintage Italian piece, from a very great voice. It will definitely excite the older ages who will attend the Festival.


The most summer song of the Festival. Disco sound and Latin rhythm. A radio track that is expected to be liked by the fans of the competition.

ELISA – “O FORSE SEI TU” – (Elisa Toffoli, Davide Petrella)

Elisa, who 20 years after her victory returns to the festival, competes with a ballad. Simple orchestration, since in most of the song only the piano accompanies her voice, but powerful nonetheless. Possible winner.

RKOMI – “INSUPERABILE” – (Rkomi, Alessandro La Cava)

The best-selling artist in 2021 in the country brings a rock song. Will rock win for the second year in a row at the festival? It is already considered one of the favorites.

DITONELLAPIAGA E DONATELLA RETTORE – “CHIMICA” – (Ditonellapiaga, Donatella Rettore)

Another radio song, with 80’s electropop elements.

MAHMOOD E BLANCO – “BRIVIDI” – (Mahmood, Blanco)

Mahmood and Blanco participate with a ballad, which in itself is a surprise. The first information states that it is the most beautiful love song of Sanremo 2022. Will Mahmood win for the second time?

GIUSY FERRERI – “MIELE” – (Davide Petrella, Takagi e Ketra, Federica Abbate)

Another surprise! Giusy Ferreri with a country song at the Sanremo festival!

GIOVANNI TRUPPI – “TUO PADRE, MIA MADRE, LUCIA” – (Giovanni Truppi, Marco Buccelli, Giovanni Pallotti, Gino De Crescenzo “Pacifico”, Niccolò Contessa)

A “scenematographic” song that is characterized as the most complex entry of the festival. It takes a lot of listening to make you truly take it in.

FABRIZIO MORO – “SEI TU” – (Fabrizio Moro)

Another Sanremo winner who also represented Italy at Eurovision 2018. Fabrizio Moro with his very characteristic voice and strong performance hopes for another victory, with a song exactly in the style we are used to from him.

HIGHSNOB E HU – “ABBI CURA DI TE” – (Michele Matera, Federica Ferracuti)

Highsnob and Hu bring a slightly lighter hip hop ballad, which tells of a finished love and the desire, the hope, to start from the beginning. One of the weakest and most predictable songs of the competition.


A shocking ballad from Irama, showing off his excellent vocal skills. The singer-songwriter turns to his distant or disappeared love, singing “wherever you will be, wherever I will be, in every gesture I will look for you”. A classic Sanremo song, which could do the surprise nonetheless.

LA RAPPRESENTANTE DI LISTA – “CIAO CIAO” – (Veronica Lucchesi, Dario Mangiaracina)

A seemingly light song, but with an important message. Full of rhythm and energy, just like the band’s last year’s participation.

NOEMI – “TI AMO NON LO SO DIRE” – (Alessandro Mahmoud, Alessandro La Cava)

A powerful ballad about accepting the risk of change to live love to the fullest. The pace changes and at some point becomes faster. A song that highlights the romantic soul but also the exquisite pop voice of the now experienced Noemi.

DARGEN D’AMICO – “DOVE SI BALLA” – (Dargen D’Amico, Edwyn Roberts, Gianluigi Fazio)

The youngest artist in Sanremo 2022, but with the most modern and contemporary song, which could do the surprise, just like with Mahmood in 2019.

LE VIBRAZIONI – “TANTISSIMO” – (Roberto Casalino)

The band sings about the opportunities that are lost when you are not in contact with yourself and the indelible scars that remain inside. Another beautiful ballad.

YUMAN – “ORA E QUI” – (Tommaso Di Giulio)

The winner of the New Proposals category brings a classic ballad that will not go unnoticed.

TANANAI – “SESSO OCCASIONALE” – (Alberto Cotta Ramusino, Davide Simonetta, Paolo Antonacci, Alessandro Raina)

From the category of Young Artists to the big stage, this time with a more uptempo piece.

MATTEO ROMANO – “VIRALE” – (Matteo Romano, Alessandro La Cava, Federico Rossi)

A decent, beautiful, fascinating song. Great contribution from Matteo Romano who presents a love song that suits his age.

Until then, let’s remember Måneskin’s performance from last year’s Sanremo:

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