Eurovision 2022: Stand-in rehearsals debuts today!

A few days before the delegations arrive at the Pala Olimpico where the 66th Eurovision Song Contest takes place, the hosts and after the stage is over, perform the so-called stand in rehearsals. This is a simulation of the stage performance that each country will present, of course having different person as performers and dancers, usually local artists.

This is done so that all participants know in advance and to a large extent, the television and directorial result of their appearance. Of course, delegations are often asked for changes, which sometimes take place and sometimes do not, always depending on the capabilities and moods of the organizers.

From today, Wednesday 20/4  and for the next days, all these rehearsals take place, which are very important for all the delegations and their preparation. The regular rehearsals of the countries start next Saturday, April 30th.

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Source: @vDanDesign (photo)
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