Romania: More than 320,000 € for Eurovision 2022!

More than 320,000 € TVR spent on Eurovision Song Contest 2o22.

According to Main News the National Broadcaster of Romania spent 1,572,789 lei ( approximately 320,000 € ) for Eurovision 2022 in Turin, Italy. The total budget allocated as per below:

  • Production and broadcast of national selection – 380,567 lei (~78,000 Euro)
  • Eurovision participation fee – 782,860 lei (~160,000 Euro)

The rest of the total budget was spent on accommodation, travel and staging for WRS at the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin, Italy. The Main News also reported that the financial obligations of TVR towards EBU regarding the debt have been overpassed.

WRS represented Romania with “Llámame” finishing in 18th place with a total of 65 points, bringing the nation back to final after 2017.

Source: Eurovoix

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Eurovision 2022: Romania’s Second Rehearsal!

The second section of the 7th day of rehearsals in Turin starts with Romania. WRS’ first rehearsal didn’t seem to have much difference from the national selection’s one. He wore sparkly trousers and a red frilly shirt that comes off at the end to reveal a silver sequinned vest. The staging featured great dancing, fabulous costumes and lots of different musical influences. WRS enters now on stage for his second rehearsal.

The Second Rehearsal

Romania’s second rehearsal starts with shots on dancers doing some moves. Then, WRS appears with the dancers doing choreography similar to the national selection’s one. Red is the main colour of the performance. There is good use of the LED floor screen with WRS and his dancers doing some cool rotating moves. Also the lyrics of the chorus are displayed on the backround and the LED floor. In the bridge, WRS changes outfit from red to a black with silver marks. Generallly, the choreography is very good, not much different to what we have seen from WRS so far. He is a performer, but the staging lacks some big moments.

Watch the exclusive clip of the second rehearsal through the cameras:



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Eurovision 2022: Romania’s First Rehearsal!

The next country to have a go on their first rehearsal for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 is Romania and WRS with the song “Llámame”!

Who is WRS?

The beatmaker from Buzău began his artistic career as a dancer; performing on stage with Romanian pop icons such as Inna, and being hired as a house dancer for both Romania’s Got Talent and The Voice of Romania.

In 2015 he joined boyband SHOT for a short while, before moving to London to hone his craft as a songwriter and solo act.

In total, the Romanian recording artist has released 10 singles, 3 collaborations and is currently working on his forthcoming debut EP, Mandala.

The rehearsal

WRS is in wet look sparkly trousers and a red frilly shirt that comes off at the end to reveal a silver sequinned vest – our first outfit reveal of the competition! His male backing dancers are wearing tops so short it looks like they’re each wearing a Speedo as a t-shirt.



This ticks lots of Eurovision boxes – great dancing, fabulous costumes, lots of different musical influences and a proper party tune. Incidentally Llámame means ‘call me’ in Spanish. Call us, WRS – there’s a Euroclub dance floor in Turin with our name on it.

You can watch a small clip of Romania’s first rehearsal in the TikTok video below:

@eurovision HOLA MI BEBEBÉ! @wrs is bringing all the Romanian energy to the #Eurovision stage! #Eurovision2022 #EurovisionTikTok ♬ original sound – Eurovision

The second rehearsal of Romania will take place on Friday 6th May and we will have a better idea of ​​what we will see from WRS on the stage.

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Romania: WRS releases new rehearsals teaser!

Romanian representative WRS has released a teaser of his final rehearsals ahead of the official Eurovision rehearsals starting in just a few days.

WRS and his team seem to have prepared a new choreography for his performance in Turin, different from his national final one, at least in the verses. You can watch the video below:

We remind you that Romania’s performing 13th in the running order of the Second Semi-final on May 12th!

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Romania: Watch the official music video of Llámame by wrs!

Romania has chosen WRS for Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with his song “Llamame“. The singer has accomplished to win Selecţia Naţională 2022after dozens of tracks, pre-selection auditions and a semi-final.

WRS has now released on his YouTube channel the official music video of his song “Llamame” with which he will represent his country in Eurovision 2022.

Watch the official music video of Romania’s song for Eurovision 2022:

What do you think of “Llamame” and WRS? Is he going to bring Romania back in the finals? We remind you that the coutrny will compete perform 13th in the second semifinal!

Spain: Watch all the live performances of the artists at the Barcelona Eurovision Party 2022!

Last night the first Eurovision Party took place successfully at the Sala Apolo in Barcelona. More than 18 eurostars attended the Barcelona Eurovision Party 2022. It was the first Eurovision event on Spanish soil, not forgetting that in a few days the PrePartyES will also take place in Madrid.

The hosts of the event were Sharone and Giuseppe di Bella!

Below you can watch their performances:

What do you think of the Eurovision Party in Barcelona?
Which performance is your favourite? Feel free to tell us in the comments below!
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Romania: WRS goes to Turin with “Llamame”!

This year’s final of the Selecţia Naţională 2022, the show through which Romania chooses its representative in the Eurovision contest, has just ended. We know now that WRS will go to Turin, with the song Llamame!

After dozens of tracks, pre-selection auditions and a semi-final, the final took place and the ten finalists battled for a ticket to Turin, Italy.

The presenters of Selecţia Naţională 2022 were Eda Marcus and Aurelian Temișan. The team of presenters was completed by Ilinca Băcilă, representative of Romania at Eurovision 2017, who was with the contestants in the Green Room.

The contestants

The ten artists who participated tonight in the final of the Selecţia Naţională 2022 were:

Andrei Petruş – Take me
Alex Parker & Erik Frank & Bastien – All This Love
Gabriel Basco – One night
VANU – Never give up
Petra – Ireligios
MOISE – Guilty
Cream, Minodora, Diana – Romania mea
Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane
Dora Gaitanovici – Ana
WRS – Llamame

The guests appearances

Seven of this year’s Eurovision competitors performed at the 2022 Romanian national final:

  • Zdob și Zdub ( Moldova)
  • Ronela Hajati (Albania)
  • Vladana  (Montenegro)
  • We Are Domi  (Czech Republic)
  • Andrea – (North Macedonia)
  • Stefan – (Estonia)
  • Intelligent Music Project – (Bulgaria)

The 2016 Ukrainian Eurovision representative, Jamala, also gave an emotional performance of her Eurovision winning entry ‘1944’ during the show.




The final result was judged solely by the preference of a jury, with the voting of the television audience having a symbolic character. More specifically, the five members of the jury gave their own score having a sum of 290 points. Then, the first of the TV audience received 12 points with the points of the rest being calculated in comparison with this twelve based on the percentage difference from the votes of the audience.

The television audience acted as a sixth member of the jury, which consisted of:

Alexandra Ungureanu
Ozana Barabancea
Cristian Faur
Adrian Romcescu

The final results were as follow:


Total results

In top3 was announced in random order:

Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane
Dora Gaitanovici – Ana
WRS – Llamame

Third place: Dora Gaitanovici – Ana

Second place: Kyrie Mendél – Hurricane

Winner: WRS – Llamame


So, the big winner of the Selecţia Naţională 2022 wasWRS  and will represent Romania in Eurovision 2022 with the song “Llamame”!

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