EBU:”EBU discusses change of vote” as TVE’s entertainment director reveals

Toñi Prieto, director of entertainment programs on Spanish public broadcaster, TVE, reveals in an interview today that EBU is conducting a survey among its members – public service broadcasters, on changingthe voting system at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Will the 50-50 system change?

Since 2009, when the jury returned to the contest, having 50% of the final result, there have been few times that the voting system has been criticised.

On the one hand, it is those who believe that five people from every country, even if they are music professionals, cannot have the same say in the outcome, as the rest of the public, who vote by tele-voting. On the contrary, those who claim that the level of songs have gone up since 2009, so-called joke entries (see Ireland 2008, Iceland 2006 etc) have disappeared, with all countries making sure to send good voices, hoping this will be appreciated. from the jury.

What has been active since 2009 with some minor variations is that public and jury have 50% of the final results, both in the final and in the two semifinals.

Toñi Prieto: “The EBU is discussing the change of vote in Eurovision!”
In an interview with Vertele, TVE’s entertainment director Toñi Prieto, among others, says that EBU is in discussions with public television stations to find out what the best voting system is.

The EBU is thinking of turning a vote. They think and discuss with the delegations to find out how we see it. If there is to be a jury, only a jury or only the television audience.

Toñi Prieto, TVE’s entertainment director

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