Eurovision 2020: 750 sq.m. LED on stage at Ahoy Arena!

It looks like we are making progress on the issue of the Eurovision 2020 Song Contest in Rotterdam, as a Dutch company announced that it will participate in the preparation of the event, even revealing that it will be responsible for the creation of a 750-square-foot LED wall.

HD Rent, an Amsterdam-based lighting, audio and events company, posted on its Instagram page that it has won a Eurovision 2020 contest and will work with another Dutch company, LED Screen Solutions, to build a wall 750m2 LED for the stage of next year’s competition, at the Ahoy Arena.

The company stated it was “honored to conclude this agreement with Dutch Public Television and look forward to the next steps in the process”. This post was subsequently deleted, apparently because the organizers did not want to provide any details about the stage now.

The Netherlands looks like it is getting ready for Eurovision 2020, which will take place on May 12, 14 and 16 in Rotterdam, with a wish to present something spectacular!


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