Greece: Working Group composition not to be announced soon| The way Greek participation will be selected! EXCLUSIVE

The announcement of the ERT working group was widely expected this week, following reports that confirmed it. In the end, this has not happened and will not be done until at least the final details of the procedure to be followed by ERT for the selection of the greek representative at Eurovision 2020 will be settled.

The committee may not have been announced, but that does not mean that ERT is not preparing for its next involvement. It has already held a number of formal and informal meetings over the past period and appears to have come up with the procedure to choose this year’s representative.

An open national final is not going to take place as we have written for months, since neither the time nor the ability to organize something worthwhile would have been possible. What qualifies is an internal choice. Indeed, it is very likely that there will be some kind of open invitation to interested artists and creators. The working group, which this year will be a 6-member group, in which the composer Dimitris Papadimitriou will again participate, will be invited to propose to the Board of Directors the best of the proposals. Then the Board of Directors. whether or not to approve the proposal of the working group.

The working group will be announced in the coming days (with no announcement coming next week), after all the details of the selection process have been settled and decided. In addition,  these days the head of the Greek Delegation  and International Relations Manager, Maria Koufopoulou, is in Geneva, in the General Assembly of the EBU.

Anyone in a hurry should think that the relevant  announcement last year was made on 10 January. The intention of the new ERT administration is to do everything possible for Greece to be at the top 10 of the Eurovision 2020 rankings and we do not hide that we are optimistic that it will do so!

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