BREAKING NEWS: Within the week, Melissa Mantzoukis will proceed with all legal means against ERT

A while ago, the lawyer of Melissa Mantzoukis, Christos Zotiadis, was invited to a morning show on the Greek Broadcaster “SKAI”.

Initially, he mentioned that the following week Melissa will proceed with all legal actions against ERT about the selection process regarding Greece’s representative for Eurovision 2023. Due to unstable connection with the show, he only referred to Maria’s Kozakou interview, thanking her about the confession regarding the procedure of the jury voting. ERT had mentioned via extrajudicial document to Melissa earlier that the voting was held as it was announced.


Based on what Maria Kozakou has told, the points of the expert jury isn’t equal to 49,4% … They would have given the gold, silver and bronze metal to whoever they wanted. How is possible that among three contestants, one of them gets ranked fifth?


Christos Zotiadis thinks that everything Maria Kozakou has told is the reason that ERT has not announced the detailed results of the expert jury despite his persistent requests. Nevertheless, ERT continues not to respond with the detailed results, but mentioning that the voting proceedings are available for pickup.

Here is the full interview in Greek:

Everything that Maria Kozakou told and the response of Melissa Mantzoukis

Maria Kozakou (a member of the expert jury of ERT for the selection process) in her interview mentioned that:

Liar, the song that didn’t manage to go to Eurovision, in the last voting procedure didn’t get 8 points from the seven jurors. As people think, in the last jury voting among the 3 songs, we invited them for an interview and they presented us their ideas about their vision regarding their stage presence in Liverpool…Why didn’t we give 12, 10 and 8 points?  The demoscopic jury ranked the songs from 4 to 12 points, so we had the same amount of points to give as the demoscopic jury. Finally, some songs got 12 points, some 10 and others 6 points. That why the last place didn’t concentrate the minimal points, this is simple mathematics…


Here is the full interview in Greek:


Melissa responded to what Maria Kozakou said via story in her Instagram page:

Thank you miss Maria Kozakou for finally telling the truth. In every mail and extrajudicial document that have been sent, ERT persists on the exact opposite than what you admitted!



We expect the following week updates on the topic!

Stay tuned to EurovisionFun for all the news!

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  1. Eaftosmou Krymmenos
    Eaftosmou Krymmenos says:

    So, the jury of seventy people voted with marks from 4 to 12 for the seven songs selected initially. Also, the seven members jury of the public television (ERT) voted with three marks from the SAME range for the three songs selected in the second phase from those seven selected initially. Nothing wrong until here. The only thing that could be considered faulty is that the seven members jury of the ERT at least approximatively knew the ranking of the three songs selected in the second phase by the jury of the seventy people and, if they had an agenda, they could’ve voted for them not according to the quality of each song, as each of them would’ve perceived it, which we hope they did, so that the one they preferred for other reasons, rather then the artistical one, to come first in the merged ranking. However, this cannot be considered the fault of the ERT exclusively since even Eurovisionfun published the ranking of the seven songs by the jury of seventy people the next day after their vote, which could’ve become orientative for the seventy members jury of the ERT.

    Accordingly, I find it appropriate for this circus to stop and let people focus on the song selected to represent Greece this year (2023) in the Eurovision Song Contest. Jeopardizing the participation of Greece in the contest because of suppositions and faults which aren’t exclusively to be attributed to the ERT would harm Greece and be of no use. Greece or Europe wouldn’t defend any “democracy” by not allowing Greece to participate this year in a contest that everyone knows that it’s not perfect about everything that’s related to it.


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