Greece: Leon of Athens’ proposal for Eurovision 2023 in collaboration with Dream Team | EXCLUSIVE

You were already informed – for months now – through Eurovsionfun that Leon of Athens is about to sumbit a proposal to ERT for Eurovision 2023. However, today we are going to reveal one more hint that will bring his candidacy at the center of attention even more.

According to our exclusive information, both the artist and people from the recording label COBALT, have come into contact with the very well known and successful team in the contest – Dream Team (Fokas Evangelinos, Ilias Kokotos, Dimitris Kontopoulos) – in order to take over the project together, if the proposal they submit to ERT gets selected.

This practically means that Fokas Evangelinos will take over the direction, Ilias Kokotos will be in charge of general management for the project and Dimitris Kontopoulos will most probably be involved in the final production of the song and be resposible for the sound engineering during rehearsals, just as it happened with Amanda earlier this year.

We remind you that the song Leon of Athens is going to submit has already been written during his stay in London at the end of August. It is expected to be at Leon’s usual style. So far, he hasn’t sumbitted his proposal to ERT, but this is going to happen in the following days until October 9th, the deadline for song submissions.

Dream Team has collaborated with COBALT last year too, because they would have taken over Good Job Nicky if he was selected by ERT. Last year, both MINOS and PANIK had adressed a similar suggestion to Dream Team for taking over their artists.

It remains to be seen how many proposals Dream Team is involved into in this year’s greek participation selection process.

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